Why wont my tf2 settings save?

Why wont my tf2 settings save?

You have a Steam cloud sync enabled, Disable it. If you have autoexec. cfg on your cfg folder, which would apply it’s settings everytime you launch the game. Remove it and see if the settings would change or not.

Where are tf2 settings stored?

The path for the file is /tf/cfg/server. cfg.

How do I change my default settings in tf2?

Okay, here is what you need to do restore tf2 to it’s default settings:

  1. disable tf2 syncing with the steam cloud.
  2. delete the “cfg” folder in the /tf directory.
  3. remove anything in the custom folder.
  4. in tf2s launch options, put “-autoconfig” (make sure you take this out when you finish)
  5. start tf2.

Is tf2 still supported?

Although the game hasn’t seen any major updates, and will likely not get one in the near future, there are no plans on shutting down the game entirely. Some fans have noticed the absence of Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead on Valve’s newest official account.

How do I make my console command permanent in TF2?

Follow this:

  1. Open Steam Library.
  2. Right Click TF2.
  3. Click properties and go to local files.
  4. Once there, go into the tf folder.
  5. Go into the cfg folder.
  6. Open autoexec. cfg in Notepad.
  7. Add your console command in there.

Where is the Autoexec in TF2?

Right click on Team Fortress 2, click “PROPERTIES” and then click on “LOCAL FILES” at the top and lastly “BROWSE LOCAL FILES”. Once you’ve click that you need to go inside of the “tf” folder and inside of that “cfg”. This is the folder where your autoexec file needs to be located.

What is a tf2 config?

Configs refer to the configuration files which are used by the game to quickly change game settings, such as graphics and gameplay options.

How do I get rid of Master config in TF2?

If you want to remove your config, delete any configs you may have in tf/custom and delete the tf/cfg folder. Then verify your game files using Steam. Next, if you have Steam Cloud Synchronization enabled, make all the files in STEAM_FOLDER/userdata/USER_ID/440/remote/cfg blank.

How do I start TF2 in safe mode?

  1. Go to the General tab.
  2. Click Set Launch Options.
  3. Remove everything in the bar and enter -safe .
  4. Click Ok and close the properties window.
  5. Play the game and it will launch in safe mode.

Does Valve still update TF2?

Valve’s agèd multiplayer game Team Fortress 2 has finally ended its longest stretch without an update. A patch arrived this week that adds some new tools to help keep bots out of matches, and players seem pretty pleased with it so far.

Is TF2 Still Alive 2021?

Team Fortress 2 is not dead! It’s glory days might be over, but it still has the largest player base out of every game on Steam. Sure its old, and its graphics might be outdated, but its still fun.

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