Why was Doublelift kicked off CLG?

Why was Doublelift kicked off CLG?

Doublelift put much of the blame for CLG’s early exit at the 2015 Worlds on the management for how they handled Filipino-American jungler Xmithie’s visa for the event, which was held across four European countries: France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Germany.

What team is Doublelift on 2021?

Team History

Team Start
NA ⁠ ⁠TSM Apr 20172017-04-28
NA ⁠ ⁠Team Liquid Nov 20172017-11-24
NA ⁠ ⁠TSM Apr 20202020-04-26
NA ⁠ ⁠TSM Mar 20212021-03-10

When did Doublelift retire?

November 2020
In November 2020, Doublelift announced on his Twitter account that he was retiring from professional League of Legends, thus concluding a storied career which spanned nearly a decade.

Where is Doublelift now?

Team SoloMid
Present and past teams. Doublelift is currently back in Team SoloMid after a few years of back and forth between Team Solo Mid and Team Liquid. Doublelift had spent the majority of his career with three different teams, Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), Team SoloMid (TSM) and Team Liquid (TL).

Did TSM kick Doublelift?

Andy „Reginald“ Dinh, the co-owner of TSM, said he decided to kick Doublelift the moment he saw him smile after going winless at Worlds 2020 because it showed a clear lack of any „competitive drive“. It’s the 5th time that Doublelift did not make it past Groups at the League of Legends World Championship.

Is Doublelift coming back to LCS?

Doublelift is reportedly planning a return to pro play in 2022, fielding offers from LCS teams. However, he will only come back if he can play alongside a top-tier support on a competitive team.

Is Doublelift coming back?

Doublelift is weighing his options ahead of the 2022 League of Legends season. Doublelift is reportedly “exploring options” for a possible return if he can find a suitable roster and support. The pro player retired in November 2020 to start a “new chapter” of his life.

Will Doublelift come back?

Doublelift is “exploring options” for a possible return if he can find a suitable roster and support. Doublelift is reportedly “exploring options” for a possible return if he can find a suitable roster and support. …

Does TSM 2021 have Doublelift?

Doublelift Bashes TSM for Roster Issues During the 2021 LCS Season.

What team is Doublelift on 2022?

Former League of Legends-pro turned streamer Doublelift explained why he thinks TSM’s roster choices for the 2022 LCS season will damage their brand value, and make it hard to keep fans rooting for the team. On December 9, TSM announced the roster they assembled for the 2022 LCS season.

Is Doublelift still part of TSM?

He didn’t hold back. Doublelift has spilled the beans on TSM founder Andy “Reginald” Dinh, his relationship with his former team, and why he ultimately made the decision to retire from professional League of Legends.

Is SwordArt Joining TSM?

SwordArt follows suit SwordArt joined TSM during the 2021 offseason in a $6 million deal.

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