Why is the Klon Centaur so expensive?

Why is the Klon Centaur so expensive?

The current price of the original Klon Centaur pedals is due to two factors. First, the pedals are discontinued, so it’s now a collectible. Whenever you stop supplying something that is in demand, the price goes up. The second reason for the high price is due to the hype around this pedal.

What is the deal with Klon Centaur?

The Klon is particularly celebrated for the ‘transparent’ nature of its overdrive. In essence, this means that the pedal causes your signal to overdrive, without ‘colouring’ your tone in any way. It adds warmth and gain to your tone, whilst preserving the natural sound of your guitar and amp.

Why is the Centaur pedal so expensive?

Every part of the pedal, including its cast enclosure, knobs and pots, was custom crafted. He built around 8,000 in total over 15 years. As it took Finnegan 12 to 14 weeks to fulfil each order, used Centaur pedals sold for inflated prices; this placed more pressure on Finnegan to meet demand.

How much is a Klon Centaur pedal?

JHS Pedals owner Josh Scott is selling the first-ever Klon Centaur for $500,000. The Klon Centaur, originally developed by Bill Finnegan, is among the most mythical and coveted overdrive pedals in the gear world, not to mention one of the most expensive – originals can go for thousands on the resale market.

Is Klon Centaur worth?

In my opinion, it’s the most overrated pedal of all time. It’s just a diode hard clipper (like a RAT, DS-1, or Distortion+) with a very clever EQ trick up its sleeve. The frequency response changes as you turn up the gain, so it works as a gritty boost or an overdrive equally well.

Is a Klon like a Tube Screamer?

The Tube Screamer is a soft-clipping pedal, and the Klon is a hard clipper. Soft clippers tend to sound more natural and closer to the effect you’d achieve if you cranked a tube amp. Hard clippers are more aggressive and compresses the tone so that is can almost sound like a distortion effect.

Is a Klon like a tube screamer?

Is Klon KTR discontinued?

The legendary Klon Centaur overdrive pedal, a once-obscure unit developed by one Bill Finnegan and discontinued in 2009, is now available once again. Under the username klondirectsales, Finnegan will sell the new run direct from eBay as he makes them by hand.

Is the soul food a Klon?

Essentially a Klon Clone with some tweaks, this pedal has quickly become my favorite OD for a couple of reasons. It takes up very little pedalboard real estate, you cannot beat the price, and it sounds great! If you cannot afford an original Klon or a KTR, The EHX Soul Food is a very special find.

Do they still make Klon Centaur?

What is a Horsie or non-Horsie Klon?

Builder Bill Finnegan has made Klons with both gold and silver casings as well as with and without the Centaur logo (commonly referred to as Horsie or Non-Horsie models). The circuits on all these editions are all the same, but the “Horsie” models are a bit rarer so command slightly higher values.

Is the Klon Centaur the most collectable pedal of all time?

Follow this product to see new listings in your Feed! The legend of the Klon Centaur, which debuted in the mid-’90s, has taken on a life of its own as one of the most collectable effects pedals of all time.

Can I Sell my Klon Centaur professional overdrive on Reverb?

Anyone can sell on Reverb. List your Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive (Horsie) today to get it in front of thousands of eyes, quickly and easily. Learn more on the Seller Hub.

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