Why is my pen drive showing less space than actual?

Why is my pen drive showing less space than actual?

Generally speaking, a pen drive showing less space than its actual size happens in those situations like: Removing the pen drive suddenly while it is working. Interruption before formatting completed or using some third-party software inappropriately. Installing bootable OS (operating system) such as Chrome or Linux.

Why does my USB says not enough space but its empty?

Flash Drive Says Not Enough Space But There Is The error occurs because USB flash drives come pre-formatted in the FAT32 file system which has a maximum single file size limit of 4GB i.e. you can’t copy a file larger than 4GB into a FAT32 formatted drive, no matter how much free space is available.

How do I fix my USB drive to get its original 8gb size back?

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Run DiskPart. Go to Start > Run command or press Windows + R. Type diskpart and press Enter.
  2. Select disk. Type: DISKPART> list disk.
  3. Delete disk. Type: DISKPART> clean.
  4. Create partition. Type:
  5. Format USB. Go to Computer and right click on the USB drive, then select “Format…”.

How do I fix USB not enough space?

To get around this problem, the easiest way is to change the file system from FAT32 to NTFS that has no file size limit. Then how to change FAT32 to NTFS file system? If there is not any important data in the USB flash drive, you can directly reformat USB to NTFS.

How can I make my pen drive full space?

To restore USB drive, pen drive or flash drive back to full capacity, follow these steps:

  1. Select the USB drive to format. Connect the USB drive or pen drive to your computer.
  2. Set the drive letter and file system on USB.
  3. Check “OK” to confirm formatting USB.
  4. Apply the changes.

Why is my 16GB USB only 14gb?

So in a 16GB Flash drive, you get around 14830MB~14.8GB. Some of the space is used up for cache and encryption stuff and one usually get about 14.5GB free on a 16GB flash.

Why does my computer say I have no disk space?

You can fix a not enough free disk space error. When you’re trying to install a program, save a large file or move items across hard drives, your Mac or PC might throw up a “not enough disk space” error. However, the issue can also happen if some type of virus has caused infected files to fill up your hard drive.

Why does USB say its full?

When it comes to taking out the trash, flash drives are a lot like computers: deleting something doesn’t automatically make it go away. This is the number one reason why USB drives read as full—your flash memory is being used up by your deleted data!

Why is my USB drive not showing its full capacity?

If your USB drive is shown with a wrong size on your computer, it’s likely the result of an improper formatting of the drive. Regardless, reformatting your USB drive should fix the issue for you and you’ll be able to use the entire space available on your stick.

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