Why is Lake Dardanelle closed?

Why is Lake Dardanelle closed?

The temporary closure is the result of higher than acceptable E-Coli levels that were found during routine testing conducted by the Arkansas Department of Health.

Is it safe to swim in Lake Dardanelle?

RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. – The Corps of Engineers, Russellville Site Office announces that Piney Bay Swim Beach on Lake Dardanelle has been retested and officials have determined that it is safe for public use. Two acceptable water samples from a beach are required by the Health Department prior to reopening a swim beach.

Can you boat on Lake Dardanelle?

Lake Dardanelle State Park is a 34,300-acre reservoir on the Arkansas River and is known as a boater’s paradise for fishing, sailing, waterskiing, jet skiing and other water adventures. Start planning your boating getaway today.

Where is Lake Dardanelle?

Arkansas River
Located about half-way between Little Rock and Fort Smith, the lake stretches some 50 miles as part of the $1.2 billion Arkansas River Navigation System. It is an important link in the 450-mile project that extends river commerce from the Mississippi River to near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Is Lake Dardanelle a man made lake?

Lake Dardanelle State Park is a popular camping and fishing destination located on the shores of a 34,300-acre man-made reservoir on the Arkansas River near the cities of Russellville (Pope County) and Dardanelle (Yell County).

When was Lake Dardanelle built?

Construction on Dardanelle Lock, Dam, and Powerhouse began in June,1957 and was not completed until November,1969. Total project cost, $82,300,000.

What lakes in Arkansas have E coli?

PWS Bacti Results for samples received in the past 30 days

System PWS E Coli
Lake Shore Cabins 993 Absent

How deep is Dardanelle?

The Dardanelles lies between the peninsula of Gallipoli in Europe (northwest) and the mainland of Asia Minor (southeast). It has an average depth of 180 feet (55 metres) and reaches a maximum depth of 300 feet (90 metres) in the narrowest central section.

Is Lake Dardanelle manmade?

Why is Lake Catherine closed?

The marina is closed until March 2022 due to a staffing shortage.

Is it safe to swim in Lake DeGray?

The sand beach is perfect for family outings. There is a designated swimming area off limits to personal watercraft and boats. Picnic tables are scattered under the tree canopies throughout Caddo Bend and offer a respite from the sun as well as fitting locations for everyone to gather away from the water.

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