Why is Bloom evil?

Why is Bloom evil?

Dark Bloom The first time a Dark Fairy was shown was in the Season 2 episode “The Spy in the Shadows,” when Bloom was turned into an evil fairy by Professor Avalon’s imposter at Alfea. Bloom’s state was apparently caused by a kind of Shadow Virus which contaminated her.

Who is Bloom’s boyfriend in Winx Club?

They include Bloom’s fiancé Sky; Stella’s fiancé Brandon; Flora’s boyfriend Helia; Tecna’s boyfriend Timmy; and Musa’s boyfriend Riven.

Who is dark bloom?

Dark Bloom is the dark personification/counterpart of sixteen-year-old Princess Bloom, which awakened within her with the secret aid of the false Professor Avalon. in Season 2 and Season 9: Son and Daughter of Sky where Sky becomes her beloved boyfriend who decides to be with her counterpart instead of her.

Do sky and Bloom end up together?

Their romance is certainly complicated, but Sky officially breaks things off in episode four after he learns Stella told people one of Bloom’s deepest secrets: that she’s a changeling. Luckily, in episode six – the finale – we see Bloom and Sky reconcile.

Did Stella and Brandon break up?

When Stella found out that Brandon was a squire, she was really upset that Brandon lied to her and nearly broke up with him. They later reconcile. In the comics, however, Stella and Brandon do break up.

Who is Bloom’s best friend?

Stella is Bloom’s best friend and she enjoys being the center of attention. She is the oldest of the Winx, as she was held back at Alfea for a year. She is engaged to Sky’s bodyguard, Brandon, whom she tends to obsess over.

Do Stella and Brandon get married?

Brandon returns the embrace as he tells Stella of how he would do anything just to be near her. Stella and Brandon making up and becoming an official couple.

Who gets married in Winx Club?

This leads to Sky asking Bloom to be his princess at the end of the first movie, The Secret of the Lost Kingdom and formally asking Bloom to marry him towards the end of Magical Adventure. In both instances, Bloom accepted happily, and the two have been engaged ever since.


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