Why does Zephiel turn evil?

Why does Zephiel turn evil?

As the Crown Prince of Bern, Zephiel was a prodigiously gifted child beloved by his people. However, thanks to the actions of his jealous father King Desmond, he was twisted into a bitter misanthrope dedicated to ending humanity’s rule in Elibe.

How old is Zephiel?

Hatred. Greed. Friends and family are driven to murder one another by these petty emotions. Such emotions spawn fathers who would even kill their own brood….Page actions.

Gender Male
Race Human
Age Teens (Fire Emblem) 30s (The Binding Blade)

What game is Zephiel from?

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
Zephiel is the main antagonist of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade and a minor non-playable character in its prequel, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

How do you beat Zephiel?

Your greatest units should face Zephiel, with durable units such as Generals or high Evade units such as Swordmasters equipped with the strongest weapons available being best for defeating Zephiel. Zephiel holds a Hero Crest that can be stolen.

Can you recruit Zephiel?

It is possible to rescue Prince Zephiel by opening the chest in the right side of the treasure room and sending the rescue staff to Merlinus which he can teleport Zephiel out of the throne room away from danger which makes the game much easier.

How many chapters are in fe6?

In an average playthrough, the game is 25 chapters long, not counting any of the sidequests, of which there are six. At two points in the game, the story diverges into two separate alternate routes before later converging to rejoin a single story route, covering a span of six chapters and one sidequest per playthrough.

Can you recruit Jaffar Fire Emblem?

Jaffar is automatically recruited in chapter 26x Eliwood’s saga, and chapter 28x Hector’s if you talk to him with Nino the chapter before. He starts off being cold and uncaring but with Nino’s kindness he begins to waver from being a heartless Assassin.

What is Fire Emblem The last promise?

The Last Promise is a Game Mod of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade created by Blazer. Though the game initially focuses on the father and son duo of Siegfried and Shon, the game shifts focus partway through to the motivational speaker Anakin and Kelik, leader of the Legend Mercenaries.

How old is ALM?

17 years old
Alm (Arum in some of the fan translation) is one of the two main characters in Fire Emblem: Gaiden & Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and a DLC Einherjar in Fire Emblem: Awakening. He is 17 years old in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

What happened to the Fire Emblem in Zephiel?

The Fire Emblem, the prized gem of Bern, is used during Zephiel’s coming of age ceremony. Desmond secretly arranges for the Black Fang to steal the Fire Emblem. With the Fire Emblem missing, Desmond attempts to cancel Zephiel’s coming of age ceremony.

Who is Zephiel in Dragon Ball Super?

Zephiel makes his first appearance in person in Volume 6 after defeating Cecilia, where he engages Al in a duel. Al is nearly defeated, until he touches the Fire Emblem and promotes to a Dragon Lord, and nearly defeats Zephiel until the Fire Emblem leaves his possession.

What does Zephiel say in the Binding Blade?

— Zephiel, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade ↑ “Mistakes cannot be left uncorrected. I will return the world to the dragons. I will liberate it from the gnarled grasp of man. The slate will be wiped clean.

What are the main themes of Zephiel?

Zephiel: Jealousy. Hatred. Greed. Friends and family are driven to murder one another by these petty emotions. Such emotions spawn fathers who would even kill their own brood. As long as humans control, as long as humans dictate, as long as humans exist, this madness will never end.”

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