Why did Wendy Simms leave CSI?

Why did Wendy Simms leave CSI?

Vassey was allegedly written off the show due to creative reasons. While several “CSI” stars left to pursue other acting jobs, and some left because contract negotiations fell through, the same cannot be said for Liz Vassey.

Who does Hodges end up with in CSI?

Hodges tells his fiancée he’s a scientist and can never do that. The two part ways amicably. It is revealed in CSI: Vegas that he is married to a woman named Emma, who ” mellows [him] out”, and that they were expecting. Their son, Cooper, was born in the season finale.

Does Wendy become a CSI?

In Pool Shark, Wendy told Hodges that she is leaving the Las Vegas Crime Lab to become a field working CSI in Portland, where her sister lives. In the end of the episode, she is gone, leaving Hodges visibly upset.

Has CSI: Vegas been Cancelled?

CBS has renewed freshman drama CSI: Vegas, a sequel to the groundbreaking 2000 series, for a second season to premiere during the 2022-2023 broadcast season. CBS’ successful fall 2021 freshman class features four of the top five new series this season in total viewers.

Do they save Hodges?

Grissom and Sara were running out of time to save David but, in the end, they were able to find him. Not only that, but he was actually still alive! His first words were “took you long enough” — and ultimately, we were just happy that we were seeing him at all.

Is Jim Brass blind?

Jim Brass, portrayed by Paul Guilfoyle is not blind in real life. In the recent episode, Brass fought back with his attacker and revisited a former case. His health could provide some twist in the story. The attack on him is what brings Sara to the CSI as shown in the initial episode.

Does Wendy date Hodges?

The episode ends with Wendy realizing Hodges returns her feelings for him after decoding something that he said to her in one of the fictional languages (Velikan) of “Astro Quest” which reads “We were made for each other.” But Hodges will not date her as it would interfere with his work.

Is Jorja Fox in season 2 of CSI: Vegas?

‘CSI: Vegas’: Jorja Fox Will Not Return For Season 2 “And the story that love, even in the darkest of places and times, can expand and grow roots and endure.

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