Why did Jeff Ubben leave ValueAct?

Why did Jeff Ubben leave ValueAct?

Part of his reason for leaving ValueAct had to do with the difficulty of running a traditional hedge fund and an ESG-focused fund in the same house, according to the Financial Times. The former group wondered if they weren’t being mindful, while the latter group worried they may be sacrificing returns.

Who founded ValueAct?

Jeffrey W. Ubben
ValueAct Capital/Founders
Morfit has been with the firm ever since — and now fully heads up ValueAct after founder Jeff Ubben retired last June. It is shaping up to be a successful transition from the founder, a rarity in the hedge fund world. ValueAct currently manages more than $13 billion in assets after posting a 12.5 percent gain in 2020.

What is ValueAct?

ValueAct Capital is a San Francisco-based investment company with a portfolio value calculated at about $9.269 billion on behalf of several institutional and individual investors. The company is a privately owned hedge fund that invests in the public equity markets.

Who is Mason Morfit?

MASON MORFIT is a Partner, the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of ValueAct Capital and is a member of the firm’s Management Committee. Mr. Morfit is a former director of Advanced Medical Optics, Inc., C.R. Bard, Inc., Immucor, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, MSD Performance, Inc., Solexa, Inc.

Where does Jeff Ubben live?

San Francisco
Ubben. Jeffrey Williams Ubben (born 1961/1962) is an American businessman. He is the co-founder and Chairman of ValueAct Capital, a hedge fund based in San Francisco, California.

How old is Andrew?

53 years (February 3, 1969)
Andrew Form/Age

Who owns impactive capital?

Lauren Taylor Wolfe
Impactive Capital is an activist investment management firm founded by Lauren Taylor Wolfe and Christian Alejandro Asmar. Our co-founders have worked together for a decade as activist investment managers and are supported by a leading team of experienced professionals.

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