Why did Greg Steltenpohl have a liver transplant?

Why did Greg Steltenpohl have a liver transplant?

Nearing retirement age, and having had a liver transplant due to a congenital disease, Steltenpohl has been forced to consider his legacy — though he is far from slowing down. “I don’t feel safe — I’m too old for that,” he said.

Who owns Califa?

Greg Steltenpohl
15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Califia Farms®, a leading independently owned plant-based food and beverage company founded by natural product visionary Greg Steltenpohl, announces it has completed one of the largest private capital raisings within the natural foods sector, through a $225 million Series D financing led by the …

How much is Odwalla worth?

In 2001, Odwalla was acquired by The Coca-Cola Company for US$181 million and became a wholly owned subsidiary. In July 2020, Coca-Cola announced it would discontinue the Odwalla brand by August 2020. The brand was later sold to Full Sail IP Partners in 2021….Odwalla.

Type Wholly owned subsidiary
Website www.odwalla.com

Was Greg Steltenpohl married?

He married Dominique Leveuf in 2005; they divorced in 2020. In addition to his son, Mr. Steltenpohl is survived by his sister, Jan Johnson; his stepsons, Justin and Kevin Meade; and a grandson.

When was Califia Farms founded?

Califia Farms/Founded
In 2010, Steltenpohl founded Califia Farms, a high growth California-based health and wellness company with the leading premium brand of plant-based beverages in the United States, and a rapidly growing global presence.

Who bought Califia Farms?

Greg Steltenpohl co-founded Odwalla in 1980. He sold the company to Coca-Cola in 2001 and started Califia Farms in 2010.

Who created Califia Farms?

Greg Steltenpohl, the founder of juice giant Odwalla and nut-milk maker Califia Farms who was a leader in the national beverage industry for decades, died Thursday from complications from a liver transplant. A longtime Bay Area resident, he was 67.

Where was Odwalla founded?

1980, Santa Cruz, CA

Who owns Naked Juice?

Naked Juice/Parent organizations
PepsiCo announced it will sell Tropicana, Naked and other select juice brands to private equity firm PAI Partners. The company will net $3.3 billion in after-tax proceeds from the deal, and also retain a 39% stake in the newly formed joint venture.

What happened to Greg Steltenpohl?

Mr. Steltenpohl died on March 11 at a hospital in Los Angeles. He was 66. His son, Eli, said the cause was complications of a liver transplant he had nine years earlier.

Who is the guy in the Califia commercial?

British actor Sean Miles headlines the film, with milky moves choreographed by Jenny Griffin (The Greatest Showman). New York-based singer Chaz Langley handles vocals on a track composed by Squeak E.

Who founded Califia?

Who is the founder of Odwalla?

Odwalla was founded in Santa Cruz, California, in 1980 by Greg Steltenpohl, Gerry Percy, and Bonnie Bassett.

What does Odwalla stand for?

Odwalla Inc. (/ oʊˈdwɔːlə /) was an American food product company selling fruit juices, smoothies and food bars founded in Santa Cruz, California in 1980 and from 1995-2020 was headquartered in Half Moon Bay, California.

What is organicodwalla?

Odwalla used what it characterized as “fresh-sourced” produce (fruits and vegetables that had recently been harvested) to make many of its products, as well as organic oats for food bars and certain tropical fruits in a frozen purée form, purchased from an outside source and blended with fruit juice.

Is Odwalla going out of business?

Coca-Cola did not respond to questions from FoodNavigator-USA about the performance of Odwalla, but told the WSJ that discontinuing the brand would cut about 300 jobs. The delivery trucks – which also carry Simply orange juice and single-serve Fairlife milk – would be sold, said a spokeswoman.

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