Why did Cena leave 2010?

Why did Cena leave 2010?

Cena left WWE to concentrate on establishing himself as a major Hollywood star, and the money involved in these mega Hollywood projects doesn’t allow him to take the chance of wrestling and risking injury.

Did Cena quit?

After the loss to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, John Cena decided to leave WWE once again. Cena also sent out a heartfelt tweet after he lost to The Tribal Chief at SummerSlam 2021. Taking to social media, he wrote that his journey has currently taken him away from WWE but he will see the WWE Universe again soon.

Does John Cena still wrestle in 2021?

Is John Cena still with WWE? As of now, Cena is not with WWE. He worked with the company briefly in 2021 when he returned to challenge Roman Reigns for SummerSlam 2021. However, WWE had another reason to bring him back as well.

Did John Cena really get fired?

(* Credits- WWE.com). John Cena was almost fired from the WWE within two months of his main-roster debut on the June 27th SmackDown episode way back in 2002, and the only reason that he wasn’t let go by the company is because WWE royalty Stephanie McMahon took a liking to Cena’s in-ring abilities and mic-skills.

Why is John Cena fired from WWE?

Because of his decreasing fan base, officials called John Cena and said that they have to let him go. Cena was unhappy with decision but decided to keep quiet. On June 24, 2002, WWE CEO Vince McMahon entered in the WWE RAW ring and ordered the WWE superstars to find some ruthless aggression from within themselves.

Is John Cena really leaving WWE?

John Cena is leaving WWE after October’s Hell In A Cell. The sudden and mysterious news has resulted in a range of theories, and this feature will examine the possible reasons behind Cena’s time off.

Why did John Cena leave WWE?

John Cena, WWE superstar-turned-actor, is leaving the wrestling world for the first time in 13 years. The reason for his departure? He’ll be starring in an upcoming Fox reality TV show titled American Grit , and apparently part of the reason is a lack of room for growth.

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