Why cant I find Tidy Cats Breeze pellets?

Why cant I find Tidy Cats Breeze pellets?

Even though expensive, we use breeze pellets to avoid litter tracked everywhere. It was difficult to get the cats trained to use it and now that they use it, it is impossible to find. Sold out online at Chewy, Petco and Petsmart. Available from some 3rd party sellers on Amazon at astronomically high prices.

How long do Tidy Cats Breeze pellets last?

one month
How long do the pellets last. One bag of Breeze Litter Pellets contain enough for one month of use.

Can you flush Tidy cat Breeze pellets?

Yes, the pellets in the Breeze litter system can be washed.

How do you recharge breeze pellets?

This is done by “recharging” them in a 5% table salt solution (4 tbsp salt per 1 gal water) for 9 hours minimum, 24 hours is best. Rinse pellets (tap water ok) and let dry. Add additional pellets as needed. Easy peasy.

How do you recharge zeolite pellets?

Zeolite can be recharged by the use of ordinary table salt. Take a liter of 5% solution of Salt water and soak the zeolite in it the brackish water for 24 hours. Then rinse afterwards. Salt will cause the zeolite to release the absorbed ammonia back into the water.

What pellets can you use in Breeze?

There are three types of sifting litter boxes to choose from. The Breeze litter box system is made for pellet cat litter, and used by many cat owners who prefere pine pellets, including Feline Pine. See Table Of Contents above for quick navigation.

How often should you change Breeze Litter Pellets?

Tidy’s most-reviewed litter system is now available in three different versions—original, hooded and extra large. So, no matter which you prefer, Tidy’s got you and your cat covered. Switch the pad once a week (for one cat), the pellets once a month, and back to other litters… never.

How do you recharge Breeze pellets?

How can I make my Breeze litter box smell better?

here are some simple tips and tricks to tame the smell.

  1. Scoop Daily. The best way to reduce litter box smells is to get rid of the stuff that’s smelly.
  2. Wash Thoroughly.
  3. Replace the Boxes.
  4. Add More Well-Sized Boxes.
  5. Ventilate.
  6. Baking Soda.
  7. Clean Messes Quickly and Thoroughly.

Is clumping cat litter flushable?

Clumping clay litters are not flushable, because they’re made from bentonite clay. Bentonite clay forms a cement-like compound in water, so flushing it could clog pipes or damage septic systems. Because clay litter can’t be flushed, large amounts of it end up in landfills and doesn’t biodegrade like natural litters.

Does Tidy Cat litter cause breathing problems in cats?

Tidy Cats Litter Causes Respiratory Distress in Cats. In the month of November 2015, a number of social media rumors indicated that Tidy Cats Lightweight cat waste was creating severe problems for other pets and specifically described as breathing problems.

Is Tidy Cat lightweight litter safe?

Tidy Cats Lightweight litter is safe for cats. We understand cat owners’ concerns when they see negative posts on social media, but the rumor about Tidy Cats LightWeight litter is not true. Unfortunately, social posts like this are often anonymous, based on hearsay, or contain unsupported information.

What is Breeze cat litter pellets made of?

Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box System – Full Review. These litter pellets are made from silica gel and zeolite; the silica gel means that these pellets don’t create any dust or a mess like other cat litters. They are also 100% safe for your cat as well.

Which is the best pet pads for cat?

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Blanket&Cat Heating Pad. The Furhaven Pet Pad is a bestselling option on Amazon that uses your pet’s body heat to reflect back to

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  • Cat Bed – Purrfect Thermal Cat Mat.
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