Who won the Welsh Open in snooker?

Who won the Welsh Open in snooker?

Jordan BrownNIR
Welsh Open/Current champions

Current Champion(s) Jordan Brown won the 2021 Welsh Open, beating Ronnie O’Sullivan 9-8 in one of snooker’s biggest upsets of recent years. It is snooker’s longest running world ranking event – other than the World and UK Championships – having been ever present on the calendar since 1992.

How much does the winner of the Welsh Open snooker get?

Winner: £70,000. Runner-up: £30,000. Semi-final: £20,000. Quarter-final: £10,000.

Where in Wales is the snooker?

Welsh Open (snooker)

Tournament information
Venue Celtic Manor Resort
Location Newport
Country Wales
Established 1992

What is the blue trophy at the Welsh Open?

Ray Reardon trophy
Welsh Open champions tend to be blue-chip acts of the green baize with 10 of its 15 champions boasting 33 world titles between them. It is perhaps fitting that the Ray Reardon trophy, named in honour of Wales’ six-times world champion from Tredegar, is awarded to the victor.

How many times has Mark Williams won the Welsh Open?

Snooker’s Welsh Open marks its 30th anniversary this year – but only one Welshman has won the won the title, albeit twice. Mark Williams won the event in 1996 and 1999 and the two-time World Champion will be among 128 players competing, 14 of them Welsh.

How old is Neil Robertson?

39 years (February 11, 1982)
Neil Robertson/Age

Is snooker Tour Championship still on?

The 2021 Tour Championship (known as the 2021 Cazoo Tour Championship for sponsorship reasons) was a professional snooker tournament taking place from 22 to 28 March 2021 at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales….2021 Tour Championship.

Tournament information
City Newport
Country Wales
Organisation World Snooker Tour
Format Ranking event

Is Ronnie O’Sullivan playing in Welsh Open?

Ronnie O’Sullivan is through to the final of the Welsh Open after defeating Mark Williams 6-1 in Saturday’s evening session in Newport. O’Sullivan will face Jordan Brown, who beat Stephen Maguire 6-1 in his semi-final earlier on Saturday.

Where is Mark Williams now?

Melbourne Football Club
Melbourne Football Club (2020 – present) In early December 2020, Williams was appointed the new head of development at Melbourne Football Club in an assistant coaching role, replacing the former head of development Matthew Egan.

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