Who won Cube UHC 14?

Who won Cube UHC 14?

Ultimately Grapeapplesauce’s health prevailed him just barely enough to defeat and kill StrauberryJam, eliminating JoeJam. With that, Grapeapplesauce and NoBoomGaming were crowned winners of UHC Season 14.

Who is the owner of Minecraft UHC?

Kaismartypants, owner of The Melon Blooded and Over The Top Recorded Round UHCS and Creator of Minecraft UHC Wiki, is a male Youtuber who revolves around UHC content. He played his first UHC Game on May 28th, 2014 and has since been playing UHC.

Why did the Cube SMP end?

Many of the Cube members (including Rusher, Pat, and HBomb) terminated their series around December 15th, 2014 because of the upcoming reset for season 2. Parker uploaded a new episode of the Cube SMP (Season 1), his perspective will continue to on with a new spinoff series.

Who won Cube UHC 8?

List of Cube Ultra Hardcore winners

Season Winner/Wininng Team
8 Deep Voice: ThatOneTomahawk, HBomb94, and MrMitch361*
9 Talekio
10 Magenta Team: Kiingtong and Talekio*
11 Dfield

What do you do in UHC Minecraft?

Caving in UHC mode is what you make it. Generally, people either try to go super fast or super slow. The goal of going super fast is to beat mob spawns through the caves and gain materials more efficiently. You can light behind you with torches if you want, especially if you plan to go back out the way you entered.

How do you heal in UHC Minecraft?

In addition to iron, look for gold and diamond. Gold is used to make one of the only two items that can heal you in UHC, a Golden Apple.

Who was in Cubesmp?


  • ​The Cube is born.
  • Think cuts ties with Graser.
  • Graser, Straub, HBomb, Vas, Tybzi, Bayani, Kermit, Rusher, MrMitch, Dolphin, Tomahawk, and Devon make their official debut in SMP Season 1.

Who won Cube UHC 9?


Participant Status Episodes
GraserMC Slain by TalekioYT 9
Tofuugaming Fell from a High Place Doomed to fall by TalekioYT 9
Kiingtong Shot by TalekioYT 9
TalekioYT Winner 9

Who won Cube UHC 20?

The only exceptions to this is Season 4. The Purple Team was the last standing team but was defeated, thus the Ender Dragon became the first mob to win in Cube UHC….List of Cube Ultra Hardcore winners.

Season Winner/Wininng Team
17 Curtis
18 DField*
19 Fin
20 TheBestGinger13

Which UHC did ETHO win?

Deaths. PauseUnpause was the winner.

Can you play UHC on bedrock?

Bedrock has 10,000+ players each day. It has enough players for UHC.

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