Who was the best storm chaser?

Who was the best storm chaser?

Timothy Michael Samaras (November 12, 1957 – May 31, 2013) was an American engineer and storm chaser best known for his field research on tornadoes and time on the Discovery Channel show, Storm Chasers….

Tim Samaras
Cause of death Tornado incident
Known for Tornado field research
Spouse(s) Kathy Samaras

Are there real Storm Chasers?

Storm chasers are most active in the spring and early summer, particularly May and June, across the Great Plains of the United States (extending into Canada) in an area colloquially known as Tornado Alley, with many hundred individuals active on some days during this period.

Do Storm Chasers get paid?

The salaries of Storm Chasers in the US range from $12,621 to $339,998 , with a median salary of $61,444 . The middle 57% of Storm Chasers makes between $61,444 and $154,274, with the top 86% making $339,998.

Who are some famous Storm Chasers?

Storm chasers and tour staff

Name Role Tour operator
Nick Selway Tour Guide Storm Chase Tour Of The Great Plains
Parker Koppes Storm Chase Tour Of The Great Plains
Patrick Martin
Paul Lyons Tour Guide Silver Lining Tours

How many storm chasers are there in the US?

The NWS says there are now about 400,000 trained weather spotters across the US, and while not all chase tornadoes, there has been an anecdotal rise over the past 25 years in the number of people turning out to follow storms.

Do weather spotters get paid?

Will I get paid for being a spotter? No. Storm spotting is a volunteer service. A spotter can help out their community by being the “eyes” of the National Weather Service.

How does Reed Timmer make money?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, atmospheric scientists (which include meteorologists) earn $92,070 per year. Many of them are storm chasers, like Timmer, who make a living by licensing the jaw-dropping video footage they capture on the ground to media outlets.

Where is Reed Timmer now?

Timmer was a storm chaser for KFOR-TV’s 4WARN Storm Team, with his SRV Dominator 2 as 4WARN Dominator 4. Timmer left AccuWeather in October 2019 to become a content creator for weather forecasts and storm chasing, mostly on Facebook and Twitter.

What happened to the Dominator?

On May 31, 2013, Dominator 2 was damaged when it intercepted a record breaking multiple-vortex tornado near El Reno. According to KFOR-TV and posts by Reed on Facebook, the hood was ripped off of the vehicle.

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