Who was on the USA basketball team 2016 Olympics?

Who was on the USA basketball team 2016 Olympics?


Kevin Durant G Golden State Warriors (Texas)
Paul George G Indiana Pacers (Fresno State)
Draymond Green F Golden State Warriora (Michigan State)
Kyrie Irving G Cleveland Cavaliers (Duke)

Which basketball team won the 2016 Olympics?

The United States
The United States won their fifteenth gold medal, after defeating Serbia, 96–66, in the gold medal match, which was the largest margin of victory in a gold medal game, since the 1992 Summer Olympics….Basketball at the 2016 Summer Olympics – Men’s tournament.

Tournament details
City Rio de Janeiro
Dates 6 – 21 August
Teams 12 (from 5 confederations)
Venue(s) 1 (in 1 host city)

Did the 2016 USA basketball team win gold?

The U.S. men’s basketball team won gold on Saturday, defeating France 87-82 and securing its fourth consecutive gold medal in the sport. Kevin Durant, Team USA’s all-time leading scorer, finished with 29 points and 6 rebounds.

Who is on USA basketball Olympic team?

Only two players from the World Cup roster are on the 2021 U.S. men’s basketball roster: Jayson Tatum and Khris Middleton….USA Olympic men’s basketball roster.

Name Team
Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers
JaVale McGee* Denver Nuggets
Khris Middleton Milwaukee Bucks
Jayson Tatum Boston Celtics

Why isn’t Steph Curry on the Olympics?

Curry withdrew from 2016 Olympic consideration two months before the Rio Games, citing several reasons, including knee and ankle injuries. In 2019, Curry broke his left hand in the season’s fourth game on Oct. 30, a month after saying he planned on the Tokyo Games.

Does Curry have a gold medal?

Gold Medals: 2014 FIBA World Cup, 2010 FIBA World Championship, 2007 Global Games. Silver Medal: 2007 FIBA U19 World Championship.

Has Steph Curry won a gold medal?

Who turned down Team USA?

Report: LaMelo Ball turned down Team USA Select Team to focus on rehabbing wrist.

Why is LeBron not on the Olympic team?

So, why isn’t Lebron James playing in the Tokyo Olympics? The answer, as it turns out, is simple: rest. James, in particular, was sidelined for a month after an ankle injury. Once he returned, he reinjured himself right before the playoffs.

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