Who tackled JuJu Smith?

Who tackled JuJu Smith?

Vonn Bell
Bengals safety Vonn Bell blasted Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster late in the first quarter. The hit jarred the ball loose from JuJu’s arms, linebacker Jordan Evans recovered, and three minutes later, Cincinnati scored its first touchdown of the night.

What happened Vontaze Burfict?

Burfict is currently a free agent. He signed with the Bengals as an undrafted free agent in 2012. The Bengals moved on from him after seven seasons in 2018. He signed a one-year deal with the Raiders.

Who did Antonio Brown get hit by?

Vontaze Burfict
Brown suffered a “mild” high left ankle sprain and missed the next 3 games. Brown took a brutal hit from Vontaze Burfict with less than 20 seconds left in the Wild Card game against the Bengals.

When did burfict hit AB?

During the 2015 NFL playoffs, Burfict laid a nasty hit on Antonio Brown that not only made his body go limp but gave him a concussion and, in the minds of some, changed the former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver’s life forever.

How did shazier hurt himself?

Shazier sustained a spinal contusion during a 2017 game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The NFL star collapsed after a tackle and was brought off the field. He underwent stabilization surgery two days after his injury, PEOPLE previously reported, and regained movement in his legs after rehab.

Is JuJu Smith-Schuster out?

He underwent surgery shortly after. “Blessed to have had a successful surgery this morning,” said the TikTok star following the procedure. “There’s no other way to say it, but I’m heartbroken that I’m going to be out the rest of the season.

Who wore number 55 for the Bengals?

Logan Wilson

No. 55 – Cincinnati Bengals
Born: July 8, 1996 Casper, Wyoming
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight: 241 lb (109 kg)
Career information

Where did Vontaze Burfict play college football?

Arizona State
Vontaze Burfict

No. 55
College: Arizona State
Undrafted: 2012
Career history
Cincinnati Bengals (2012–2018) Oakland Raiders (2019)

Can Ryan Shazier walk now?

Ryan Shazier is back on his feet and sharing his story after suffering a serious spinal cord injury in 2017 that left him unable to walk.

Why does Ryan Shazier have no eyebrows?

Ryan Shazier’s Alopecia diagnosis Shazier wrote in The Player’s Tribune that he used to be embarrassed of his hair loss. As a toddler, he even had a burgeoning afro. That changed when he was five years old, and his hair began inexplicably falling out. His immune system was attacking his hair follicles.

What team does JuJu Smith-Schuster play for 2021?

Pittsburgh Steelers
Steelers designate WR JuJu Smith-Schuster (shoulder) to return from injured reserve. The Pittsburgh Steelers could be receiving some receiving reinforcements for the postseason. JuJu Smith-Schuster was designated to return from injured reserve and returned to practice Thursday, the team announced.

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