Who sang crosstown traffic?

Who sang crosstown traffic?

Jimi Hendrix
Crosstown Traffic/Artists

What album is cross town traffic on?

Battle of Deep Purple & Jimi Hendrix
Crosstown Traffic/Album

Who made Crosstown Traffic remix?

Chas Chandler produced the original tracks, but Hendrix remixed them when he started producing his own music in 1968. >>

Does crosstown traffic have a kazoo?

Hendrix also plays a makeshift kazoo made with a comb and tissue paper in tandem at points with his lead guitar, and backing vocals are performed by Redding along with Dave Mason.

What instrument is used in crosstown traffic?

The kazoo Jimi Hendrix used for ‘Crosstown Traffic’ From Pink Floyd’s wine glass harp to Bob Dylan’s police whistle to Jackyl’s chainsaw, musicians have gone out of their way to add that special ingredient to make their songs more flavourful.

Did Jimi Hendrix use a kazoo?

However, Hendrix being the king of atypical renditions, didn’t use a traditional kazoo in the track. Instead, he made one up, assembling a comb and a piece of cellophane. Not only is the homemade kazoo resourceful but also a brilliant stimulator of the buzzing traffic, when doubled with the guitar line.

How do you play the paper and comb?

Comb and paper is a rudimentary musical instrument which consists of a comb with a piece of paper pressed to it. To play it, one has to press their lips to the paper pressed to the comb and sing or vocalize into it. The voice makes the paper vibrate and changes the voice quality.

Is there a kazoo in crosstown traffic?

Does crosstown traffic use kazoo?

On “Crosstown Traffic,” the third track and second Electric Ladyland single, listeners heard something like a kazoo doubling Hendrix’s guitar parts. According to a friend on hand at the recording session, Hendrix crafted his own kazoo-like device on the spot.

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