Who plays Heidi on tool?

Who plays Heidi on tool?

Debbe Dunning
Debra Dunning (born July 11, 1966) is an American actress, model, television host, spokesperson and comedienne. She is best known for Heidi on Home Improvement (1993-1999)….

Debbe Dunning
Spouse(s) Steve Timmons ​ ​ ( m. 1997; div. 2018)​
Children 3

What happened to Heidi on Tool Time?

In 2017, Dunning made her return to TV — but instead of an acting role, she’s playing herself. Debbe Dunning’s Dude Ranch Roundup is a travel show that sees Dunning visiting ranches around the United States, and highlighting the joys of nature and the rough-and-tumble outdoors life.

How many people played Heidi on Home Improvement?


Characters Actor/Actress Episodes
Randall William “Randy” Taylor Jonathan Taylor Thomas (177 episodes, 1991–1998)
Bradley Michael “Brad” Taylor Zachery Ty Bryan (202 episodes, 1991–1999)
Albert “Al” Borland Richard Karn (201 episodes, 1991–1999)
Heidi Keppert Debbe Dunning (148 episodes, 1993–1999)

What does Debbe Dunning do now?

When she’s not acting or traveling to the nearest dude ranch, Debbe Dunning is spending time with her family, on the golf course, or doing charity work. The actress was married to former Olympic volleyball player Steve Timmons until 2018. They have three children together.

Who played April on tool?

Patricia Richardson She also reunited with Allen on Last Man Standing for two episodes in 2015 and made a cameo in Blindspot in 2019. In addition to multiple film roles, Richardson also served on the SAG-AFTRA board and has returned to her stage roots. She starred in Cruel Intentions: The Musical in 2017.

Who was the Binford Tool girl?

Pamela Anderson
Lisa. Lisa (Pamela Anderson) – Binford’s first “Tool Girl.” A secondary cast member on Tool Time, Lisa’s job was to introduce Tim and Al and to hand them any tool they requested.

Who was the second tool girl on Home Improvement?

Heidi Keppert, is the second “Tool Girl” after Lisa left the show to go to college, beginning in Season 3, portrayed by Debbe Dunning. Initially, the character was seen only in and around the Tool Time set….

Heidi Keppert
Last Appearance The Long and Winding Road (Part 3)
Actor Debbe Dunning

Where is Zachery Ty Bryan now?

His most recent acting role was in the TV movie “Thor: Hammer of the Gods” in 2009, according to his IMDb page. He currently works as a producer.

Was Debbe Dunning ever on Baywatch?

Debra “Debbe” Lynn Dunning (Born July 11, 1968) is an actress, model, host and spokesperson who guest starred as Anna Campbell in the Baywatch Season 5 episode Deep Trouble.

Is Richard Karn married?

Tudi RocheRichard Karn / Spouse (m. 1985)

Who played Wilson on Tool Time?

Earl Hindman
Wilson was portrayed by Earl Hindman across 202 Home Improvement episodes that aired between 1991 and 1999. The actor died of lung cancer in 2003, at 61.

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