Who pays for the car restoration on Car SOS?

Who pays for the car restoration on Car SOS?

The Volvo P1800 we did (for season 4 ) took about 1200 manhours, so the production company won’t like me for that one.” “The setup of the show is quite simple and it makes a lot of sense. Basically there is a production company that pays for the people at the garage to restore the car.

Who is the old guy in Car SOS?

The callous robbery prompted Knowles to call for help, inspiring Tim Shaw – the host of Channel 4 show Car SOS – to contact his building supplier sources to replace the equipment lost.

Is Fuzz Townshend a real mechanic?

No ordinary mechanic, Fuzz leads a double, sometimes even triple life; classic cars, buses, music, and even brand ambassadors roles all help keep the popular TV star busy.

Who owns the garage on Car SOS?

Fuzz and business partner Dave Tassel run To-Ta Classics Ltd and have agreed a five-year lease on the 5,548 sq ft unit on the estate which is owned and managed by London & Cambridge Properties (LCP), the leading West Midlands-based property and development company.

Who are the presenters of Car SOS?

Presenters. The series is presented by motor vehicle and engineering enthusiast Tim Shaw and musician and mechanic Fuzz Townshend.

What happens to the cars on Car SOS?

Cars are nominated for restoration by the owners’ friends or family. The owners are usually unable to finance restoration themselves. The cars are restored, without the owner’s knowledge. Shaw and Townshend then surprise the owners with the finished car in a staged event!

Why is Phil from Car SOS in a wheelchair?

Phil has been quiet because he’s been rather unwell lately, having suffered a stroke at the start of the year, but he’s working on getting back to good health and popped in at the workshop last week.

Is Car SOS still being made?

Buckle up guys, Car SOS is back in business. Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend return for their biggest and best series yet of Car SOS on National Geographic, turning clapped-out classic cars into the beautiful smooth machines they once were.

Is Car SOS still going?

Is Barry from Car SOS still alive?

One of the most iconic and popular modern classics on the market, the restored Quattro Turbo is expected to raise over £20,000 for the charities after being left to them by its last owner, Barry Hollamby, who passed away in 2016 after a long illness with asbestos related cancer.

Why did Tim Shaws wife sell his car?

Listening at home to his show on Kerrang 105.2, Hayley Shaw was outraged at her husband’s flirting with the model and decided to hit him where it hurt by putting his £25,000 Lotus Esprit Turbo up for sale on eBay. In one of the great acts of marital revenge she offered the black sports car for a price of 50p.

Is fuzz from Car SOS married?

Cressida Townshend
Fuzz Townshend/Spouse

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