Who owns Zaytuna College?

Who owns Zaytuna College?

Zaytuna College (formerly the Zaytuna Institute) is a private liberal arts college in Berkeley, California. It is the first accredited Muslim undergraduate college in the United States and was founded in 2008 by Hamza Yusuf, Zaid Shakir and Hatem Bazian.

What does Zaytuna mean in Arabic?

The institution derives its name from the Arabic word Zaytuna, which means olive tree. Biblical and Qur’anic scholars deem the olive a source of great benefit and worth.

Is Hamza Yusuf a doctor?

Hamza Yusuf (born: Mark Hanson; 1958) is an American neo-traditionalist Islamic scholar and co-founder of Zaytuna College….

Hamza Yusuf
Title Shaykh; Dr.
Born Mark Hanson 1958 (age 63–64) Walla Walla, Washington, U.S.
Religion Islam

When was Zaytuna College founded?

Prior to becoming a college, Zaytuna was an institute, founded in 1996 by Hamza Yusuf and Hesham Alalusi. Zaytuna College seeks to incorporate the importance of the liberal arts and humanities into a traditional Islamic education curriculum.

Why study at zonezaytuna College?

Zaytuna College aims to educate and prepare morally committed professional, intellectual, and spiritual leaders who are grounded in the Islamic scholarly tradition and conversant with the cultural currents and critical ideas shaping modern society.

How much does it cost to attend Zaytuna College?

Zaytuna College’s yearly tuition is $12,177.00. The college offers housing on campus with an estimated additional annual cost of $6,873.75. ^ a b “Zaytuna College – About”.

What is the Zaytuna Bachelor of Arts program?

(Quran, 20:114) Zaytuna’s bachelor of arts program is founded on an integral liberal arts curriculum, consisting of courses from both the Islamic and Western traditions of higher learning.

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