Who owns WWJ?

Who owns WWJ?

CBS Radio

What happened to Wdfn?

Local sports/talk AM radio station WDFN (The Fan) has ceased to exist as we know it. The parent company of WDFN 1130 made sweeping cuts and a major programming change to the Detroit sports talk radio station Tuesday, eliminating local shows such as “Stoney and Wojo” and Sean Baligian’s midday program.

Who is Jackie Paige?

Jackie Paige is the anchor CBS 62’s Eye in Detroit and midday anchor on WWJ Newsradio 950. Jackie Paige is an award-winning journalist who’s spent more than 25 years in the business. Starting out as an intern in radio, Jackie moved to TV as a local traffic reporter for WJBK FOX 2.

What was the first radio station in Detroit?

WWJ, originally known as 8MK, first went on-the-air on August 20, 1920. The station broadcasted from the second floor of the Detroit News building, the first newspaper in the world to have a radio station. Limited to a transmission area of less than 100 miles, there were 300 radio amateurs who were potential listeners.

Where does WJR broadcast from?

Southeast Michigan
WJR/Broadcast areas

WJR, known as “News Talk 760,” is a Detroit-based AM radio station broadcasting throughout Detroit, southeast Michigan, and parts of northern Ohio.

Where is Paul W Smith?

Paul William Smith (born 1953) is an American talk radio host and columnist. He currently hosts the morning show on WJR radio in Detroit, Michigan and co-hosts the weekly show Opportunity Detroit.

How did Jackie Paige lose weight?

(FOX 2) – Almost two years ago, Jackie Paige had surgery to lose weight. When the seatbelt on a plane wouldn’t fit around her, she decided to take a drastic move, and in March of 2016, underwent weight loss surgery. And her weight loss is impressive — 120 lbs.

How much weight has Jackie Paige lost?

Weight Loss Surgery: Sleeve Gastrectomy – Age 43, Total Lost: 103 pounds lost so far*

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