Who owns the Irish fairy door company?

Who owns the Irish fairy door company?

founder Niamh Sherwin Barry
RSVP Mentors: Irish Fairy Door Company founder Niamh Sherwin Barry on creating a brilliant brand. Irish Fairy Door Company co-founder Niamh Sherwin Barry is a force to be reckoned with. Just six years after it was founded, the company is a household name in Ireland and about to launch a new animation series.

Is the Irish fairy door real?

The Irish Fairy Door Company is an award-winning direct-to-consumer brand, based in Ireland, which celebrates the magic of children’s belief in fairies through toys, imaginative play, fairy stories and fun online activities.

Where do you put a fairy door?

The most popular place to put your Opening Fairy Door is on a wall – normally just above the skirting board. Other places include on a shelf, a dressing table, a bench or cupboard. A lot of our customers also place them in display or shadow boxes. Once your fairy door is attached, the fairies know, and they will visit!

Where did fairy doors originate?

The first Fairy doors appeared in Michigan USA way back in 1993. Overnight these magical fairy doorways appeared all over the city to the delight of locals and tourists alike.

Who invented fairy doors?

Niamh Sherwin Barry started the business in the height of the recession to keep two families afloat.

What happens if you open a fairy door?

This is their story, created by them, where they are the hero and the princess in their own fairy world. When a child opens a fairy door, they have no trouble imagining a beautiful fairy world where animals can talk, flowers sing, the sun is always shining and everyone is kind.

What’s behind a fairy door?

A fairy door is a miniature door, usually set into the base of a tree, behind which may be small spaces where people can leave notes, wishes, or gifts for the “fairies”.

Why do people have fairy doors?

Some parents and guardians use fairy doors to stimulate their children’s imaginations and prompt creative thinking, describing the fairies as creatures that use their magical powers to protect children from bad dreams, grant their wishes if they are well-behaved, and replace lost teeth with small rewards.

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