Who owns Ricardo Steakhouse?

Who owns Ricardo Steakhouse?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., this is exactly what Jimmy Mateus pictured when he conceived of Ricardo Steak House. “The kitchen’s open, the music’s loud, we sit you close together,” said Mr. Mateus, a 41-year-old contractor who founded the restaurant with his brother, Eddie, in 2004.

Who is the owner of Victory Lounge?

Ricardo Young
African-American serial entrepreneur and owner of Victory Restaurant and Lounge, Ricardo Young talks about growing up, his education, and love for the hustle.

Who owns Victory Lounge in Miami?

But Victory Restaurant and Lounge’s owner, Ricardo Young is focused on making sure everyone has something to eat at this trying time, with lockdown due to COVID-19 that has shutdown every business.

Why choose Ricardo’s Steakhouse?

Established in 2003, Ricardo’s is a local family owned steak house in Lacey, WA serving top grade ingredients from local vendors including custom dry aged beef. Here you will find a passion for steak, wine paired with unrivaled hospitality and the belief that great memories are all that one can hope for in this life.

What forms of payment does Ricardo Steak House accept?

Does Ricardo Steak House have outdoor seating? What forms of payment are accepted? Ricardo Steak House accepts credit cards. How is Ricardo Steak House rated? Ricardo Steak House has 4 stars.

What makes Ricardo’s restaurant in Harlem unique?

Inside the exposed brick walls of this Harlem restaurant, Ricardo’s beautifully blends the traditional downtown steakhouse with the rich culture of Harlem The modern open kitchen displays the chefs’ quality cooking and lining the walls are art pieces from local artists, capturing Harlem’s essence.

How do I book a party at Ricardo Steakhouse?

Please call in, at 212-289-5895, for parties larger than 4 guests and someone will be happy to assist you By using this booking service you agree to RestaurantConnect’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and GDPR Policy. Please be sure to include your Guest Type (required by Ricardo Steakhouse). Location: Date: Loading… Time: Loading… Party Size:

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