Who owns Brooke House College?

Who owns Brooke House College?

The school was bought by Mr Charles Lister and his wife, but it struggled financially and was eventually bought by Mr Donald Williams and Mrs Joan Williams, who founded the new Brooke House College in 1967-68 academic year.

Who was Robert Smyth?

Robert Smyth (or Smythe) may refer to: Robert Brough Smyth (1830–1899), Australian geologist, author and social commentator. Sir Robert Smyth, 3rd Baronet, MP for Andover (UK Parliament constituency) Sir Robert Smyth, 5th Baronet (1744–1802), MP for Colchester.

How many students are at Welland Park Academy?

Pupil population in 2018/2019

School England – mainstream secondary schools
Total number of pupils on roll (all ages) 962 3327970
Girls on roll 47.6% 49.8%
Boys on roll 52.4% 50.2%
Pupils with an SEN Education, Health and Care Plan 0.8% 1.7%

What there is Market Harborough in?

Market Harborough is a market town in the Harborough district of Leicestershire, England, in the far southeast of the county, forming part of the border with Northamptonshire. Market Harborough’s population was 24,818 in 2019. It is the administrative headquarters of the larger Harborough District.

Who owns Brookhouse School in Kenya?

Educationalist and entrepreneur, Dr Eddah Gachukia founded both a successful group of private schools and a university in Kenya. A pioneer in business and education, Dr Mary Okelo was the first woman bank manager in Kenya and founded a successful group of private schools.

What is Market Harborough known for?

Market Harborough Facts: Today, it is one of the fastest emerging and distinguished market towns in the UK. From education, hotels, tourist attractions, parks and recreational places and to historical landmarks and restaurants, Market Harborough attracts hundreds of admirers every day.

What’s Market Harborough like to live in?

“Market Harborough was voted as the most popular place to live. It has great shopping, good schools, beautiful buildings and a growing arts and culture scene, plus it’s an easy commute into London,” said Muddy Stilettos.

Who owns peponi school in Kenya?

As indicated on the introduction bit of this article, Peponi School is owned by the Kenyatta family. And to know this is a serious school, the headmaster is an expatriate. The multi-cultural school is situated at the First family Gicheha farm in Ruiru.

Who owns Brookside school?

Started in 1981, the school was owned by Piyush Mehta (the founder), Victoria Bank and PE firm AfricInvest with a controlling stake of 25%, 20% and 30% respectively. They have now relinquished their shares to Educas, the UK fund.

What is there to do in Market Harborough today?

Farndon Fields Farm Shop. 555.

  • Avalanche Adventure Ltd. Sports Complexes • 4WD, ATV & Off-Road Tours.
  • Rockingham Castle. 373.
  • The Old Grammar School. Historic Sites • Points of Interest & Landmarks.
  • St Dionysius Church. Churches & Cathedrals.
  • Harborough Museum.
  • Foxton Locks.
  • WW2 Gates & Garden of Remembrance.
  • Is Market Harborough a town?

    Market Harborough, town, Harborough district, administrative county of Leicestershire, central England, on the River Welland.

    What is a Market Harborough used for?

    The market harborough is a training aid used to help prevent the horse from throwing his head above the point of control offering far more direct control than a running martingale, but at the same time allowing the horse freedom of movement when the reins are released.

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