Who makes Ultrapool?

Who makes Ultrapool?

Bain Ultra. Your ultimate home spa collection—from the inventor of the air tub.

What are Bain Ultra tubs made of?

BainUltra has always designed high-quality baths in 100% pure acrylic, a substance with numerous proven benefits: Easy to clean. Non-porous and hygienic.

How do you clean a Bain Ultra tub?

www.bainultra.com Clean with water only. Any cleaner / soap may affect the æsthetic and adhesive characteristics of the product. In most cases, a little soapy water or mild detergent (dishwashing) is sufficient. For stubborn stains, a mixture of water and vinegar or isopropyl alcohol can be used.

Are Bain Ultra tubs acrylic?

Bainultra offers freestanding acrylic tubs. We use 100% Pure Acrylic, the highest quality acrylic available.

How do I turn off my Bain Ultra?

Press DRYING CYCLE button again to confirm activation of the program. The system will turn off, the icon will stop flashing but will remain visible. Press and maintain DRYING CYCLE button for two seconds again to deactivate.

How do you turn off the dry cycle on a Bain Ultra?

Press and maintain DRYING CYCLE button for two seconds again to deactivate.

What is better air jets or water jets?

The biggest difference between air tubs and whirlpool baths is what they pump out of their jets. In general, whirlpool bath jets create a deep massaging sensation, while air tubs offer a gentler, more bubbly effect.

Are air tubs noisy?

Both whirlpool and air tubs can be loud. Expect 70-80 decibels, depending on how fast the motor and pumps are working. That’s about the same level as normal traffic or a quiet train.

What bathtubs are made in Canada?

Caml – Tomlin is recognized as the first Canadian acrylic bathtub manufacturer and are well known for their groundbreaking designs and engineering. At Bath Emporium we are proud to serve the residents of Toronto and surrounding areas with the entire line of Caml Tomlin bathtubs.

How do you turn off a Bain Ultra tub?

What is a chromotherapy bath?

Chromatherapy, or color therapy, is the use of colored lights in your bath or shower. Color plays an important role in how we think and feel. Certain colors trigger hunger, while others evoke a feeling of calm and relaxation.

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