Who makes the Pink Lady 38 special revolver?

Who makes the Pink Lady 38 special revolver?

This compact, ultra-lightweight, five-shot, . 38 Special revolver features a 2” barrel, fixed sights, and traditional spurred hammer. Like all Charter revolvers, the Pink Lady has a three-point cylinder lock….Model # 53830.

Model: 53830
Caliber: .38 Special
Hammer: Standard
Weight: 12 oz.

Is Charter Arms 38 special any good?

The Charter Arms . 38 is a light, useful and concealable revolver. I practice enough with my snub-nose revolvers to maintain a degree of proficiency. They are not fun to fire, but with proper practice loads and the occasional duty load for familiarization, they are not bears to fire either.

What is the Pink Lady gun?

The Pink Lady Undercover Lite® Double-Action Revolver from Charter Arms® is constructed with a pink anodized aircraft-grade aluminum frame with and a brushed, stainless steel cylinder and barrel. Incredibly lightweight and corrosion–resistant, this revolver makes it an ideal concealed carry weapon.

How much is a Pink Lady gun?

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Price $379.99
Barrel Length 2in
Finish Stainless
Grips Black Rubber
Sights Fixed

Who makes a 9mm revolver?

Best 9mm Revolvers

  • Charter Arms Pitbull 9mm 5-Shot Revolver.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 929 9mm Luger.
  • Ruger SP 101 9mm Luger.
  • Taurus Holdings Model 905 9mm Luger.
  • Chiappa Charging Rhino Gen II 60DS.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 986 9mm Luger.
  • Ruger LCR Model 5456 9mm Luger.
  • Rock Island Armory AL9.0 9mm.

Is the Charter Arms Undercover 38 special?

The Undercover® was the first of Charter Arms’ growing family of popular . 38 Special revolvers. This series is the perfect compromise between weight and stopping power for concealed carry.

Who makes a 45 ACP revolver?

Smith & Wesson 625. The S&W 625 is a competition-focused . 45 ACP revolver.

How much does a Charter Arms Undercover weigh?

Whether your work dictates that you carry lethal force or you carry a revolver for peace of mind — the Undercover Lite provides impressive stopping power while weighing a mere 12 oz.

What kind of gun is the Charter Arms Pink Lady?

The basic platform is the standard Charter Arms Undercover Lite .38 Special. Although, instead of the regular blue or dull grey finish, the Pink Lady is a lot more colorful having a stainless steel barrel and cylinder matched up with a pink anodized aluminum frame.

How much does a Charter Arms undercover revolver cost?

Charter Arms Undercover 38 Special Double-Action Revolver with Black Nitride Finish. $379.99 $309.99. Notify Me When Available. Brand: Charter Arms. Item Number: 63820.

How much does a 38 Special revolver cost?

Charter Arms On Duty 38 Special Revolver. $429.99. Notify Me When Available. Brand: Charter Arms. Item Number: 53810.

Why choose a Charter Arms gun?

Charter Arms has been producing relatively inexpensive yet dependable firearms since the 1960s.

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