Who makes Peak shoes?

Who makes Peak shoes?

Amer Sports
Peak is developing its business in America, Europe, Asia and Australia with more than 5000 exclusive stores….Peak Sport Products.

Trade name Peak Sport
Founded 1989
Headquarters Quanzhou, China
Products Footwear, sportswear
Parent Amer Sports (Anta Sports)

What brand is Peak?

ABOUT PEAK SPORT Peak Sport Products Co., Limited (“Peak Sport” )is a leading branded sportswear company in China and is primarily engaged in designing, manufacturing and distributing sports products (including footwear, apparel and accessories) under the “PEAK” brand.

What NBA player is signed with Peak?

Tony Parker leads the way with Peak, but it has also gobbled up Carl Landry, Kyle Lowry, Shane Battier, George Hill, JaVale McGee and Jason Richardson. Kevin Love signed with Peak before jumping ship and signing with 361 Degrees, the only NBA player currently with that company.

What is Lou Williams shoe brand?

Lou Williams is one of a handful of NBAers who are signed to Chinese shoe brand Peak. The perennial 6th Man of the Year contender has a signature shoe, the Lou Williams Underground, after being the face of Peak’s Lightning and Streetball Master models in past seasons.

What shoes does Tony Parker wear?


  • Adidas Dame 7.
  • Adidas D.O.N. Issue #3.
  • Adidas Harden Vol.
  • Air Jordan 36.

Who wears Li Ning in NBA?

Li-Ning was an official marketing partner of the National Basketball Association and has/had sponsorship deals with ten players: Baron Davis (Retired), Shaquille O’Neal (retired), Damon Jones (retired), José Calderón (retired), Cleanthony Early of the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, Glenn Robinson III of the Golden State …

Who are Lou Williams girlfriends?

Williams on having two girlfriendssimultaneously Not many guys could make the situation work, but it worked for them, so that’s another point to his list of achievements in life. Lou Will was in a relationship with Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell, and the set-up confused many and even became a hot topic online.

What shoes does Manu Ginobili wear?

Retired Players | Guard. Shoe Size: 13 Ginobili may be most famous in the shoe world for the time when his Nike literally exploded off of his foot during a game in 2014. But he has loyally stuck with the brand since then, and wore the Nike Hyperdunk before retiring in the summer of 2018.

Who is owner of lining?

Li Ning
The company was founded in 1989 by Li Ning, a former Chinese Olympic gymnast. As of 2015, Li Ning remains the Chairman of the company’s board of directors.

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