Who is the Sheriff in Hendricks County Indiana?

Who is the Sheriff in Hendricks County Indiana?

Brett Clark
Mental Health America of Hendricks County We’re so excited to announce another MHAHC Community Hero award. Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office Brett Clark is our 2021 Community Hero for our leadership ca…

How do I get a police report in Hendricks County Indiana?

If submitting by mail:

  1. Include the completed, signed and notarized Hendricks County Sheriffs Department Limited Adult Criminal History Request Form.
  2. Include a money order in the amount of $5.00 per name made payable to the Hendricks County Sheriffs Department.
  3. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

How long is a Sheriff term in Indiana?

Sheriffs Term of Office IC 36-2-13-2: The term of office of the Sheriff elected under Article 6, Section 2 of the Constitution of the State of Indiana is four years and continues until his successor is elected and qualified.

How old do you have to be to run for Sheriff in Indiana?

Requirements to Become a Sheriff in Indiana Candidates must be at least 21 years old. Candidates need to have a high school diploma or GED. Candidates must not have any prior felony convictions. Candidates need to be US citizens.

What county is Plainfield Indiana?

Hendricks County

Plainfield is a town in Guilford, Liberty, and Washington townships, Hendricks County, Indiana, United States. The population was 27,631 at the 2010 census, and in 2019 the estimated population was 35,287.

How many times can you run for sheriff in Indiana?

In Indiana, county sheriffs are elected to office and limited by the state constitution to serving no more than two four-year terms consecutively.

Who is the youngest sheriff in the United States?

PAMLICO COUNTY, N.C. – A North Carolina sheriff has become the youngest sheriff in the country at the age of 28. WITN reported that Chris Davis was sworn in as Pamlico County sheriff on Monday after winning last month’s election.

How old are most sheriffs?

There are over 6,523 Sheriffs currently employed in the United States. 34.6% of all Sheriffs are women, while 60.4% are men. The average age of an employed Sheriff is 40 years old. The most common ethnicity of Sheriffs is White (64.7%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (19.9%) and Black or African American (9.8%).

What county is Greenfield Indiana in?

Hancock County
Greenfield is a city in Hancock County, Indiana, and is part of the Indianapolis metropolitan area. The population was 20,602 at the 2010 census. The city is the county seat of Hancock County, and lies in Center Township.

What county is Greenwood Indiana in?

Johnson County

How do you address a sheriff?

Most sheriffs are elected and if they are, they are addressed as the Honorable (Full Name). If a sheriff’s position is an appointed office, then he or she would not be addressed as The Honorable (Full Name). Check for local tradition.

Where is the Hendricks County Sheriff’s office located?

Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office is located at 925 E Main St, Danville, 46122 IN. The Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office phone number is (317) 745-6269. Please join us in congratulating Deputy Damen Owens and Deputy Cole Smith on graduating from their ILEA basic course and being sworn in by Sheriff Clark.

What is the role of the Hendricks County Jail?

The jail houses all pre-preliminary persons over the age of 17 that are arrested in Hendricks County. The sheriff takes pride in keeping up the wellbeing, safety, and government assistance of each one of those in custody as per court established guidelines. He is also responsible for forestalling detainee escapes from custody.

How do I deposit money into my Hendricks County Jail account?

You can make a deposit on the web, or you can call 866-232-1899. Send a cash request to the Hendricks County Jail. You can just use western association or U.S. Postal cash orders. When sending cash orders to the jail, the envelope must be checked Prisoner bookkeeping. You can’t place any extra contents in the envelope.

What does the Hendricks County assembled medication task power do?

The detective department has a criminologist assigned to the Assembled Medication Task Power. The task power is comprised of detectives from the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office and the Brownsburg Police Department. The task power investigates sedate movement in Hendricks County.

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