Who is the second runner up of Super Singer 7?

Who is the second runner up of Super Singer 7?

Mookuthi MuruganSuper Singer 7 / Winner

What happened to Super Singer Junior 7 winner?

As the winner, Spoorthi was awarded a Townhouse at Temple Green Township in Oragadam by the show’s sponsor Arun Excello, worth 70 lakhs Indian Rupees.

Who is super singer Priyanka?

Super singer Priyanka real name is Priyanka NK and she is an Indian Playback singer. She mainly worked in South Film Industry. She participated in Super Singer Singing Reality Show which was aired on Vijay TV. She also worked on Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films with big musicians like AR Rahman, D.

Who is the runner of Super Singer 7?

Who is the 1st runner up of Super Singer?

Super Singer Season is currently telecasting on Vijay television for their eighth season….Season synopsis.

Grand Finalists
Season 1 (2006)
Anand Aravindakshan Winner
Fareedha First runner-up
Rajaganapathy Second runner-up & Judges’ Choice

Who is Super Singer 7 title winner?

Murugan aka Mookuthi Murugan
Murugan aka Mookuthi Murugan (Anuradha and Unnikrishnan team) was declared the Winner of the Super Singer Season 7 and received a 50 lakh worth house by Arun Excello.

Who is the first runner up of Super Singer 7?

Is Priyanka NK married?

December 1, 2018: Wedding Weekend Their three-day wedding celebration combined both Christian and Hindu marriage traditions and culminated in a ceremony at a legit palace in Jodhpur. Nick’s father officiated the ceremony and Priyanka wore a long-sleeve high-neck Ralph Lauren gown and 75-foot veil.

What is super singer Priyanka doing now?

Later, she took part in the music reality show Super Singer Junior (season 2) and ended up as a semifinalist. Priyanka later participated in the JUNIOR SUPER STARS and emerged as the runner up of the show. Priyanka is an established playback singer now and has worked with leading musicians like Ilaiyaraaja, A.R.

Who is Sakthi amaran grandfather?

Trichy Loganathan” of Tamil industry is grandfather of Sakthi Amaran.

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