Who is the Saenger Theater named after?

Who is the Saenger Theater named after?

Julian Saenger
Ambassador Theatre. Group Designed by Emile Weil, the Saenger Theatre was built by Julian Saenger in 1927 for the theretofore unheard of price of $2.5 million dollars.

What should I wear to the Saenger Theatre?

Attire. There is no formal dress code for the Saenger Theatre. We usually recommend business casual attire for most performances.

How many seats are in the Saenger Theater in New Orleans?

2,600Saenger Theatre / Capacity

Does the Saenger Theater have an elevator?

There is an elevator located near the Rampart Street entrance.

When was the Saenger Theater in New Orleans built?

ABOUT: Designed by renowned architect Emile Weil and built in 1927, the Saenger Theatre’s interior re-creates the ambience of a 15th century Italian courtyard and gardens, complete with a starlit evening sky ceiling, arched surroundings, statuary, columns and decorative moldings.

How old is the Pensacola Saenger Theater?

97Saenger Theatre / Age (c. 1925)

Does Saenger have food?

Pensacola is the official caterer for the Saenger Theatre. No outside food and beverage is allowed in the building.

Does the Saenger have a clear bag policy?

We do not have a clear bag policy at this time. Any oversized bags or backpacks are strictly prohibited.

When was the Saenger Theater built in New Orleans?

How many people does the Pensacola Saenger Theater hold?

1,641Saenger Theatre / Capacity

How old is the Saenger Theater in New Orleans?

95Saenger Theatre / Age (c. 1927)

When was the Pensacola Saenger Theater built?

Opened in 1925, its Spanish Baroque architecture, in opulent Rococo style took nearly thirteen months to complete. In the early years the Saenger hosted a colorful array of Vaudeville-type road shows, Broadway plays, and silent screen classics.

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