Who is the new weather girl on Action News?

Who is the new weather girl on Action News?

Brittany Boyer joined the Action News weather team in April 2021. Before that, she was an on-air meteorologist with 6abc’s partner, AccuWeather in State College, PA. While there, she could be seen nationally providing forecasts on all types of weather.

Who is the new person on Fox 6 news?

Nikola Junewicz
Meet the newest member of the FOX6 WakeUp News team, Nikola Junewicz.

Who is Jessob reisbeck?

Jessob Reisbeck is an American News Anchor on Good Morning Washington!, He is well known for his Summerfest assignment on the new gig, and new WITI-TV Fox 6 morning anchor. Before that, he was a Sports Anchor & Reporter in Wausau, WI (WAOW), Syracuse, NY (WSTM), and Fresno, CA (KMPH).

Is Cindy Preszler married?

Dave Mackm. 2003
Cindy Preszler/Spouse

Is Jessup reisbeck married?

Is Jessob Reisbeck married? Yes, Over the almost 7 years, he has been with his wife Jacqueline Ditto and together they welcomed 2 amazing little boys. They met at a sports bar called Ozzie’s in Fresno, Ca!

Where is Jessob reisbeck now?

This is actually the 4th time Jessob has lived in Wisconsin. He was born in Wisconsin Rapids, and started his journalism career in Wausau. He was a morning anchor at FOX6 in Milwaukee and now, as of November 2020, an evening anchor for CBS58!

Who are the news anchors on TV6?

Cody joined TV6 in November of 2021 as the Evening News Anchor. Kendall joined TV6 in June of 2020 as the Weekend Anchor/MMJ. Jerry has been with WLUC TV6 since late 2011 and shoots short news stories, video highlights for sports and assists reporters with live shots. Don Ryan is a lifetime Yooper and Host of TV6’s “The Ryan Report.”

Who are the Fox6 News anchors on wakeup?

Carl Deffenbaugh has been with FOX6 since 2016 — and is proud to be a member of the WakeUp team. Angelica Duria joined the FOX6 News team in October 2010, making her trek back home to the Midwest. Stephanie Grady has been an anchor with the FOX6 News team since autumn 2014. Ben Handelman joined the FOX6 News anchor team in April 2011.

Who are the members of the WLUC 6 news team?

Meet The Team. 1 Andrew LaCombe. News Director, WLUC-TV6. 2 Steve Asplund. 3 Sarah Blakely. 4 Elizabeth Peterson. 5 Kendall Bunch.

Who are the journalists at Fox6 News?

Suzanne Spencer is one of the talented reporters who also anchors newscasts at FOX6. Christina Van Zelst is a multimedia journalist at FOX6 News. Tim Van Vooren is the Sports Director at FOX6. Brhett Vickery is a multimedia journalist at FOX6 News.

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