Who is the Modimolle monster?

Who is the Modimolle monster?

Johan Kotze
Pretoria – More than eight years after the so-called Modimolle monster – Johan Kotze – and his three accomplices were sent to jail for life, Ina Bonnette has eventually found peace. Kotze tortured, raped and humiliated his former wife, and murdered her son Conrad.

Is Modimolle monster alive?

PRETORIA – Johan Kotze, the so-called Modimolle Monster, has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Conrad Bonnette, the rape of his ex-wife Ina Bonnette and for kidnapping and assault. His three co-accused — Andries Sithole, Frans Mphaka and Pieta Mohlake — have also all been given life sentences.

What did Modimolle monster do?

Johannesburg – The so-called “Modimolle Monster”, Johan Kotzé, found guilty and sentenced for the multiple rape, kidnap and attempted murder of his ex-wife Ina Bonette, and the murder of her son Conrad, is claiming his trial was unfair, in an appeal to the Constitutional Court.

How was Ina Bonnette tortured?

Bonnette testified Kotzé tortured her with various objects before instructing the other three to rape her. She told the court she listened to her son pleading for his life before he was shot in the head and heart.

Who is the first person to climb the mountain of Modimolle?

LitNet Argief. Malome Boy-Boy was the only known person in the village’s long history to ascend the sacred mountain of Modimolle and return.

What’s inside Modimolle Mountain?

Bones were found in a field in Modimolle on Friday, after 200 policemen searched for the bodies of children who had been missing from the area since 2004, Limpopo police said. “We are not sure if the bones belong to one of the missing children, or if they are human.

What was Modimolle before?

Modimolle, formerly Nylstroom, is a town located near the Waterberg region in Limpopo Province. Formed in 1866 on Rietvallei farm, the town became known officially as Modimolle in 2002. Though its previous name, Nylstroom, is worth knowing more about, if only for its funny origin story.

What is special about Modimolle Mountain?

Modimo-lle. Modimolle is loosely translated “as God has eaten”. Legend has it that this is a miracle mountain where people in the past would just disappear and the community would not worry, they would know that modimo-o-lle (god has eaten) – hence the name.

What is Nylstroom’s new name?

Nylstroom (Afrikaans pronunciation: [nəilstrʊəm]), officially known as Modimolle, is a town located near the southern edge of the Waterberg Massif in Limpopo province, South Africa.

What was the old name of Modimolle?


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