Who is the first SLC board topper in Nepal?

Who is the first SLC board topper in Nepal?

2039 – Luna Bhatta (Luna Bhatta is the first woman to score board first in SLC examination.) Nepal Government has stopped announcing Board First Students name since few years as there was an extreme unwanted competition between schools.

Who is the see topper of Nepal 2076?

Topper Kishore Thapa
KATHMANDU, June 27: The SEE, 2076 exams are done with. The results are out. Meanwhile, Republica’s Sanskriti Acharya was in conversation with the former secretary, Kishore Thapa, SLC board topper in 2031 BS.

Which board is SLC in Nepal?

National Examination Board
The SLC (Class 11 and 12) and SEE (Class 10) examination is normally scheduled in April to June of every year. Class 10, 11 and 12 examinations are held by National Examination Board(NEB) located in Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

Who was the board first in SLC examination among the following *?

History of the SLC Examination in Nepal The School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination was first introduced in Nepal in 1934 and the Durbar High School which was operated exclusively to educated the children of the ruling authoritarian Rana dynasty in Nepal became the first school to participate in the SLC exams.

How many students got A+ in see 2078?

National Examination Board (NEB) has finally published the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) result of 2078. The examination was conducted in 2078 Jestha 13th….Previous Year Result.

No. of Students Grade
17580 A+
51137 A
63741 B+
76564 B

How can I see Marksheet of see 2076?

How to Get SEE (SLC) result 2076/2077 via SMS?

  1. Go to your mobile messages box.
  2. Type a new message.
  3. Type SEE your symbol no. [ eg.: SEE 0042728J]
  4. Send SMS to 35001.

Who takes SLC in Nepal?

UNICEF Nepal/2015/KPanday Several students take their School Leaving Certificate (SLC), a national examination taken by Nepali students at the end of their tenth grade, at a UNICEF-supported temporary learning centre (TLC).

Who started SLC in Nepal?

History of the SLC Examination in Nepal Though Jung Bahadur Rana established the Durbar High School, it was during Shree 3 Ranodipsing’s tenure and out of Dhir Shamsher initiative that the school was expanded up to grade 10.

What is full form of SLC?

SLC – School Leaving Certificate.

Is 3.6 GPA A in Nepal?

Usually, there would be an A-F grading. But in Nepal, it works a bit differently. A+ is identical to 4 GPA, A to 3.6, B+ to 3.2, B to 2.8, C+ to 2.4, C to 2.0, D to 1.6, and E to 0.8.

How can I check my Marksheet?

Namaste has the official permission to publish the Secondary Education Examination SEE Result with mark sheet online through the website and SMS. To check the result through Namaste Ntc SMS Type SEE Symbol number and send SMS to 1600. type SEE 4747393735Q Send to 35001.

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