Who is the DJ for Power 106?

Who is the DJ for Power 106?

DJ Carisma
DJ Carisma RETURNS TO POWER 106! The world-famous DJ Carisma was born and raised in Santa Ana. Launching her DJ career on Power 106, Carisma quickly rose to Celebrity DJ status and was 3x named Female Dj Of The Year!

How old is Power 106?

KPWR — Power 106 (1986–present) Not too long after Emmis bought KMGG, it immediately saw a niche to counter top 40 stations KIIS and KKHR and urban outlet KDAY, KJLH, and KACE (the latter three all signal challenged).

What happened to J Cruz Power 106?

In April, Cruz left Power 106 and the morning show he’d hosted for four years, moving to REAL 92.3 to take over the afternoon slot. “I thought to myself, I would never, once I got to Power, leave,” he says.

Who is DJ sourMILK?

DJ sourMILK is Tyga’s official DJ and is signed with SKAM Artist. Having spun onto the scene in 2000, Cali native DJ sourMILK has already performed alongside some of the music industry’s heaviest hitters including Ozzy Osbourne, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Who is the girl on Power 106?

On weekdays between 10 and 3, Yesi Ortiz is the warm, flirty host for the popular Los Angeles hip-hop station Power 106.

How old is Melissa Rios Power 106?

Melissa Rios is a Radio host based out of Los Angeles. Melissa, 29, was born & raised in Los Angeles.

What happened to the Baka Boyz and Tito?

Finally, the Baka Boyz acted as talent scouts, discovering future LA radio star Big Boy, Dj Eman and Tito among others. The Duo left the station in 2008 and continues to focus on their weekly syndicated Hip-Hop mix show “The Baka Boyz Master Mix.”

Is Nick Cannon coming back to Power 106?

Controversial Nick Cannon is continuing his comeback, returning to morning hosting on radio station KPWR, better known as Power 106, a Meruelo Media outlet in Los Angeles. He will also continue on the Skyview Networks syndicated show Nick Cannon Radio.

Was Melissa Rios fired from Power 106?

Mendoza joined KLLI in September 2019 after previously spending fourteen years at KXOL. To fill his spot at KLLI, Melissa Rios has moved from the morning show at Meruelo’s Rhythmic CHR “Power 106” KPWR.

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