Who is the current transport commissioner of Karnataka?

Who is the current transport commissioner of Karnataka?

N. Shivakumar

Sr. No Profile of Officers
1. N. Shivakumar,I.P.S. Commissioner for Transport and Road Safety. Bengaluru.
2 Umashankar B. P.,B.E. (Mech), M.B.A(Finance), Additional Commissioner for Transport (Administration)

What is the full form of RTO officer?

The Regional Transport Office or Regional Transport Authority (RTO / RTA) is the organisation of the Indian government responsible for maintaining a database of drivers and a database of vehicles for various states of India.

How can I register my car online in Karnataka?

The online procedure to register a vehicle in an RTO in Karnataka is as follows: The buyer can log on to the website https://transport.karnataka.gov.in and click on the ‘Vahan Over Web Identity’ section. Fill the details in the application form that pops up.

Is HSRP mandatory in Karnataka?

There are complaints from the public about the police stopping vehicles and collecting fines for vehicles that do not have High-Security Number Plates (HSRP). But the Transport Department confirmed that it is not mandatory to have HSRP for old vehicles.

What is vehicle passing?

Vehicle pass means a campground pass that is issued to a specific vehicle for the purpose of entering the campground when such vehicle would otherwise not be permitted.

Is RTO a gazetted officer?

Yes, Offcourse Road Transport officer is also Considered as “Gazetted Officer”. Actually Gazetted Officers are executive/managerial/supervisorial level ranked public servants in India.

Why are RTO charges high?

What is the reason for them to charge us? – Quora. Nice question you asked there we pay RTO road tax so they can develop road in that particular state from you bought the car if by any chance your car is damaged due to power road condition you can sue the GOVT to pay you compension for your damaged vehicle.

Can we drive TN vehicle in Karnataka?

‘Drive without borders’ wins taxation battle, you can now drive a non-K’taka vehicle for a year. “Drive Without Borders”, a Facebook group have won their two-year battle against the clause in the Karnataka Motor Vehicles Act mandating payment of lifetime road tax within 30 days.

How can I get Hsrp plate in Bangalore?

Book HSRP through Book My HSRP

  1. Enter the State your car is registered in.
  2. Provide the details of your car including registration number, chassis number and engine number.
  3. Select the fitment location most convenient to you and book an appointment slot.

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