Who is the chef at the Cinnamon Club?

Who is the chef at the Cinnamon Club?

Vivek Singh
Vivek Singh is Executive Chef, Founder and CEO of The Cinnamon Collection, a group of five restaurants in London and Oxford which includes the Cinnamon Club, Cinnamon Kitchen and Cinnamon Bazaar.

Which Cinnamon Kitchen does Santosh work at?

Santosh worked at The Cinnamon Collection with Vivek Singh for three years, cooking for MP’s at The Cinnamon Club and City workers at Cinnamon Kitchen. He then took a position as Executive Chef at the five-star LaLit Hotel in London.

Who owns the Cinnamon Kitchen?

Vivek Singh is the Executive Chef and CEO of five restaurants – The Cinnamon Club, Cinnamon Kitchen, Cinnamon Bazaar, Cinnamon Kitchen Oxford and Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea.

How many restaurants does Atul Kochhar have?

It spans two floors with room for over 120 diners, along with an outside terrace and a private garden room. Kochhar also has three other restaurants: Sindhu at The Compleat Angler in Marlow; Hawkyns at The Crown Inn in Amersham and Indian Essence in Petts Wood.

Has Santosh got his own restaurant?

He got to the final of MasterChef The Professionals last year, and now chef Santosh Shah is launching a Nepalese pop-up at his old stomping ground, Cinnamon Kitchen City (he was Head Chef there).

Who does BART from MasterChef work for?

This is where Bart found his true passion for cooking and where he was taught the precision and speed required to cook among the best in the industry. After two and a half years, Bart took on a new role at Savelberg, a Michelin star restaurant, and hotel.

Who is Vivek Singh?

Vivek Singh (1 August 1967 – 2 February 2007) was an Indian field hockey player. He competed in the men’s tournament at the 1988 Summer Olympics….Vivek Singh (field hockey)

Personal information
Born 1 August 1967 Varanasi, India
Died 2 February 2007 (aged 39) Varanasi, India
Sport Field hockey

Where does Atul Kochhar work?

Since then the chef has grown his restaurant portfolio, opening several award-winning venues including: Sindhu in Marlow and Hawkyns in Amersham in Buckinghamshire and Indian Essence in Petts Wood, Kent.

How many Michelin stars does Atul Kochhar have?

two Michelin Stars
Atul Kochhar Holder of two Michelin Stars (one star awarded at Tamarind London, the second at Benares London). International and UK nationwide TV personality – featuring on Million Dollar Menu and Saturday Kitchen, as well as his own TV programme.

What happened to Santosh?

He always had a dream to become a big chef, and now he is here in London as an Executive Chef, It took Santosh eighteen years of working his way up through the kitchen ranks. In 2011, he relocated from Gujarat to London, where one of his first jobs was at Brasserie Blanc, owned by Raymond Blanc.

Who does MasterChef BART work for?

Who has Bart van der Lee worked for?


  • Owner. Van der Lee Ltd.
  • Private Chef UHNWI. Private.
  • MasterChef Professional UK Finalist. Shine TV.
  • Executive Private Chef (in charge of fleet) Beckett Enterprise.
  • Head Private Chef (in charge of villas) Amanyara Villas.
  • Orascom Hotels & Development. 2 years 5 months.
  • Head Chef. Le Deauville.
  • Chef de parti.

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