Who is the CEO of The Hartford insurance company?

Who is the CEO of The Hartford insurance company?

Christopher J. Swift (Jul 1, 2014–)
The Hartford/CEO
Christopher J. Swift Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. of The Hartford, a national leader in property & casualty insurance (P&C), group benefits and mutual funds, founded in 1810.

Who owns The Hartford insurance company?

The Hartford is owned by its shareholders, as it is a publicly traded company. The biggest shareholders are The Vanguard Group, BlackRock, and State Street Corp which have a combined ownership stake of almost 25%, according to public records, as of Q1 2020.

How much does Chris Swift make?

What is the salary of Christopher Swift? As the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Hartford Services, the total compensation of Christopher Swift at Hartford Services is $14,560,700.

Where is Hartford Insurance headquarters?

Hartford, CT
The Hartford/Headquarters

Who was a VP of Hartford insurance company?

John P. Ginnetti serves as Executive Vice President of Hartford Life Insurance Co.

What is The Hartford known for?

The Hartford is a leader in property and casualty insurance, group benefits and mutual funds. With more than 200 years of expertise, The Hartford is widely recognized for its service excellence, sustainability practices, trust and integrity.

Who underwrites Hartford insurance?

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

Does AARP own The Hartford?

The bottom line: The Hartford primarily caters to customers 50 and older, offering policies through a partnership with AARP.

How do I contact The Hartford insurance company?

  1. Business Insurance from The Hartford. Get a Quote Online. Or Give Us a Call: 855-440-1078.
  2. Business Insurance Service Center. 866-467-8730.
  3. Web. Business Login | The Hartford.
  4. Payroll Billing Service. XactPAY®
  5. Flood Insurance. Quotes & Service.
  6. Livestock. Email Form.
  7. TREO. 800-850-1037.
  8. Commercial Property Claims. 800-327-3636.

Is The Hartford buck a deer or an elk?

Financial services giant the Hartford started using a mature male deer in its television advertising in the 1970s, but the majestic mascot dropped out of sight a decade ago.

What is unique about Hartford?

Hartford was founded in 1635 and is among the oldest cities in the United States. Nicknamed the “Insurance Capital of the World”, Hartford holds high sufficiency as a global city, as home to the headquarters of many insurance companies, the region’s major industry.

Who is the leader of Hartford?

Doug Elliot is president of The Hartford, a national leader in property and casualty insurance, group benefits and mutual funds, founded in 1810.

What positions are available in Board of directors?

Its role is to manage the company, driving it forward while making sure the company stays on the right side of the law. In this regard, the board of directors serves as a valuable source of advice, challenge and discipline for the management team. A typical board consists of at least three board positions.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the Board of directors?

The responsibilities of the board of directors include the establishment of the audit and compensation committees. The audit committee is responsible for ensuring that the company’s financial statements and reports are accurate and use fair and reasonable estimates.

What positions make up Board of directors?

Officers are usually appointed by the corporation’s board of directors, and while specific positions may vary from one corporation to another, typical corporate officers include: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or President. Chief Operating Officer (COO). Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Treasurer. Secretary.

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