Who is the best football player in South Sudan?

Who is the best football player in South Sudan?

South Sudanese Footballers in FIFA 22

# Player OVA
1. Valentino Yuel Newcastle Jets | RW 58
2. Alou Kuol VfB Stuttgart | ST 55
3. Manyluak Aguek Western United FC | ST 52
4. Ayom Majok Western United FC | CAM 50

When did South Sudan join FIFA?

25 May 2012
Two days later, CAF welcomed South Sudan to its membership. On 9 May, South Sudan joined CECAFA. On 25 May 2012, FIFA members approved of South Sudan becoming a member, 176 FIFA members voted in total, only 4 voted against South Sudan joining FIFA.

Did South Sudan qualify for World Cup?

On 5 September 2015, South Sudan achieved their first official victory, a 1–0 home win against Equatorial Guinea in 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualification. One month later South Sudan played their first ever match in FIFA World Cup Qualification, a 1–1 draw at home to Mauritania.

Who is the best soccer player in Sudan?

With an HPI of 48.37, Almoez Ali is the most famous Sudanese Soccer Player.

Who is the best player in Sudan?

Sudanese Footballers in FIFA 22

# Player OVA
1. Mo Eisa Milton Keynes Dons | ST 66
2. Abo Eisa Bradford City | RM 64
3. Machop Chol Atlanta United | RM 57

Who is the coach of South Sudan?

Stefano Cusin
South Sudan national football team/Head coaches

Who is the current coach of South Sudan?

Which country is bigger Morocco or Sudan?

Sudan is about 4.2 times bigger than Morocco. Morocco is approximately 446,550 sq km, while Sudan is approximately 1,861,484 sq km, making Sudan 317% larger than Morocco. Meanwhile, the population of Morocco is ~35.6 million people (10.0 million more people live in Sudan). Morocco using our country comparison tool.

How big is South Africa?

471,400 mi²
South Africa/Area

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