Who is tecmark?

Who is tecmark?

Tecmark creates air switch and pressure switch controls for market segments worldwide, offering hundreds of product variations. Tecmark’s LectricAir® SAFPAC Controls are air actuated electrical switch systems that provide safe on/off control for a large variety of electrical devices, including pumps, garbage disposers, lights, and more.

How much does tecmark charge for free shipping?

Qualifies for Free Shipping Free standard shipping to US contiguous 48 states for $100+ merchandise total. Tecmark Pneumatic Command Center for EasyPak, other electromechanical systems using 120V topsides.

What makes tecmark different from other manufacturers?

What makes Tecmark different is our ability to deliver products fitting OEMs’ applications. Because of our focus on serving OEMs, we have developed longtime relationships with manufacturers—some of which have been relying on Tecmark for more than 40 years.

What is a tecmark pressure switch?

Tecmark Series 3000, 3900 and 4000 Pressure Switches convert a positive or negative pressure signal (range 2” W.C. to 100 PSI) to an electrical output. Tecmark TBS Series Air Switches are single function control switches that provide safe actuation of electrical devices from remote locations. Includes the TBS300 and TBS400 air switches.

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