Who is Takashi Yoshimatsu?

Who is Takashi Yoshimatsu?

Takashi Yoshimatsu. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Takashi Yoshimatsu (吉松 隆, Yoshimatsu Takashi) (born March 18, 1953) is a contemporary Japanese composer of classical music.

When did Yoshimatsu become a composer?

In 1975, through Matsumura’s introduction, Yoshimatsu met Isao Harada, and on November 28, 1978, he made his debut as a composer by presenting Forgetful Angel at a private concert hosted by Harada (although he received no fee for the composition).

Is Yoshimatsu a healthy restaurant?

Yoshimatsu is full service casual dining with Contemporary Japanese and Antique decor. The cancer survivor owner/chef offers original healthy Japanese recipe which uses several kinds of mushrooms, and vegetables with no MSG. She tries to use organic ingredients positively within the budget.

Who is yyoshimatsu?

Yoshimatsu was a fan of The Walker Brothers and The Ventures when he was 13, but symphonies of Ludwig van Beethoven and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky fascinated him when he was 14. When he entered Keio High School, he had hoped to go to medical school, but eventually changed his aspirations to become a symphony writer.

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