Who is running in Parkdale?

Who is running in Parkdale?

There are 107,035 residents in the district. Federally the electoral district is held by Member of Parliament (MP) Arif Virani, provincially by Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Bhutila Karpoche and municipally by city councillor Gord Perks (Ward 4).

Who is the MP for Parkdale?

Arif Virani MP (born November 23, 1971) is a Canadian lawyer and politician who has sat as the member of Parliament (MP) for Parkdale—High Park since 2015.

Who is running for the Liberals in Ontario?

2020 Ontario Liberal Party leadership election

Candidate Steven Del Duca Michael Coteau
Riding Vaughan-Woodbridge (2012–2018, lost re-election) Don Valley East
Elected delegates 1172 (56.2%) 370 (17.75%)
Associations won 89 ridings (plus 3 ties), 12 clubs 17 ridings, 2 clubs

What Ward is Parkdale High Park?

Ward 4 Parkdale—High Park.

Where is Toronto Center?

Toronto Centre covers the heart of Downtown Toronto. The riding contains areas such as Regent Park (Canada’s first social housing development), St.

Who is the MP of Richmond Hill?

He was the first federal nominee and candidate of Iranian heritage. Jowhari is the first Iranian-born Member of Parliament of Iranian heritage….Majid Jowhari.

Majid Jowhari MP
Political party Liberal
Residence Richmond Hill, Ontario
Alma mater Ryerson University York University
Profession Consultant, former engineer

When did Trudeau became leader of the Liberal party?

Trudeau won the leadership of the Liberal Party in April 2013 and led his party to victory in the 2015 federal election, moving the third-placed Liberals from 36 seats to 184 seats, the largest-ever numerical increase by a party in a Canadian federal election.

How many Liberal MPPS are there in Ontario?

Party standings

Affiliation Members
Progressive Conservative 69
New Democratic 40
Liberal 7
Green 1

What has Gord Perks done?

His work was fundamental to Toronto’s blue and grey box program, smog plan, and pesticide by-law. He led the campaign for better transit that helped usher in the Ridership Growth Strategy and Transit City.

Who is the city Councillor for Parkdale?

Gord Perks
Profile. Gord Perks was first elected to represent Parkdale-High Park in 2006. In his work as Toronto City Councillor, Gord advocates for affordable housing, childcare, public transit, parks and public spaces, responsible development, and safer streets for pedestrians and cyclists.

Is Carolyn Bennett a doctor?

Carolyn Ann Bennett PC MP (born December 20, 1950) is a Canadian physician and politician who has served as minister of mental health and addictions, and associate minister of health since October 26, 2021. A member of the Liberal Party, she has represented Toronto—St. Paul’s in the House of Commons since 1997.

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