Who is owner of Phoenix mall Pune?

Who is owner of Phoenix mall Pune?

Atul Ruia
Phoenix Marketcity is a shopping mall developed by Phoenix Mills Limited, located in Pune, Maharashtra….Phoenix Marketcity (Pune)

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Management The Phoenix Mills Limited
Owner Atul Ruia
Architect Benoy (HONG KONG) & P. G. Patki
No. of stores and services 350+

Is trial allowed in Phoenix?

Each store is following social distancing, safety, and sanitisation protocol. All stores, as well as trial rooms, follow strict disinfection protocols. Shopping bags, trolleys, and baskets will also be sanitised before every use across the mall.

How many acres is Phoenix mall?

Spreading over 11 acres out of a total area of 15 acres, this sprawling retail hub is one of the largest malls of Bangalore.

Are babies allowed in malls in Pune?

PUNE: The rider of allowing only fully-vaccinated customers to visit malls has kept away children, teenagers and even those in the age group of 18-45 who have only received the first dose so far. No entry for children is a major drawback for parents as well.

Who is Atul Ruia?

Our guest is Mr Atul Ruia, joint managing director of The Phoenix Mills Limited. He built High Street Phoenix, one of Mumbai’s first malls, on the site of family’s old textile factory. In 1905, Phoenix Mills Ltd. …

Are under 18 allowed in malls in Pune?

MUMBAI: The Maharashtra government on Monday decided to allow those below 18 years of age who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 to visit shopping malls upon displaying the valid age proof. All customers need to show their final vaccination certificate with a photo identity proof at the entry point of malls, it said.

Has Phoenix mall open?

October 2011
Phoenix Marketcity/Opened

What age is allowed in malls?

Under Alert Level 2, minors are allowed in most establishments like shopping malls and parks. Minors have been visiting shopping malls and other crowded areas while accompanied by their guardians, following the relaxation of the COVID-19 alert level in Metro Manila and other areas.

Who can go to malls in Pune?

The Maharashtra government on Wednesday carried out a second round of unlocking, allowing the malls to stay open till 10pm and allowing entry to only the fully immunised visitors. Malls in Pune were, however, allowed to remain open till 8pm.

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