Who is Joe Cole?

Who is Joe Cole?

Joseph John Cole (born 8 November 1981) is an English football coach and former professional footballer who played as an attacking midfielder or winger in the Premier League, Ligue 1, League One and United Soccer League. …

Who is Jacqueline Smith married to?

Brad Allenm. 1997
Anthony B. Richmondm. 1981–1989Dennis Colem. 1978–1981Roger Davism. 1968–1975
Jaclyn Smith/Spouse

How tall is Dennis Cole?

6′ 2″
Dennis Cole/Height

Are Finn Cole and Joe Cole related?

Cole was born in London, the second-youngest of five brothers. One of his elder brothers is Joe Cole, whom he starred alongside in Peaky Blinders.

Was Joe Cole any good?

Once upon a time, he was the nation’s greatest hope. No matter how many people warn against heaping too much pressure on young players’ shoulders, in England we just can’t help it. If not necessarily ever the best English footballer, for a period between 2004-09, Cole was undoubtedly one of the most fun.

How long was Jaclyn Smith married to Dennis Cole?

Personal life. In 1976, when Cole guest-starred on the set of Charlie’s Angels, he met his second wife, actress Jaclyn Smith. After a 19-month courtship the couple wed. Their marriage lasted from 1978 to 1981.

Is Jaclyn Smith a grandma?

Former Charlie’s Angel Star Jaclyn Smith Is ‘Thrilled’ to Be a Grandma: ‘I Don’t Want to Be Away From Her’ Jaclyn Smith couldn’t wait to become a grandmother. “The love that you have for your children, it’s like ‘Oh my God.

Is Joe Cole related to Henry Rollins?

Do you like this video? Details: Joe Cole was the son of actor Dennis Cole and the best friend of actor/musician Henry Rollins.

What happened to Joe Cole of Black Flag?

Joseph Dennis Cole (April 10, 1961 – December 19, 1991) was an American actor, writer and roadie for Black Flag and Rollins Band, who was shot and killed in an armed robbery on December 19, 1991. Contents. Early life. Cole was the son of actor Dennis Cole by his first wife, Sally Bergeron.

What happened to Michael Cole and Seth Rollins?

However, Cole was killed outside after being shot in the face at close range while Rollins escaped out the back door and alerted the police. The murder remains unsolved. In an interview in 1992 with The Los Angeles Times, Rollins revealed he kept a plastic container full of soil soaked with Cole’s blood.

How is Joe Cole remembered in any songs?

He is remembered in the Sonic Youth songs “JC” and ” 100% ” on their album Dirty. The Hole album Live Through This is dedicated to his memory. A book of Cole’s collected writings, primarily tour journals, was published posthumously by Rollins’s publishing company and titled Planet Joe.

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