Who is James Morrissey?

Who is James Morrissey?

For generations, James D. Morrissey, Inc, has helped shape the landscape of Eastern Pennsylvania, playing major roles in virtually every road and development throughout Eastern PA. James D. Morrissey, Inc. is at the foundation of our operations. Founded over 85 years ago, we have a keen expertise in construction.

Who is the owner of Morrissey concrete?

Our founder James D. Morrissey Sr. with current owner and president James D. Morrissey Jr. as a young boy Started selling commercial ready mixed concrete to outside customers James D. Morrissey Inc. featured in a trade magazine

Why work at Morrissey?

Not only has James D. Morrissey Sr.’s vision for our company been sustained for nearly a century; it has grown as we’ve expanded on the new and innovative ways we serve the construction industry. We’re a company that embraces technology and continually adapts to answer the needs of our customers, our employees and the communities in which we work.

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