Who is GTM Sportswear?

Who is GTM Sportswear?

Champion Teamwear (formerly GTM Sportswear) is a national provider of custom-embellished uniforms, warm-ups and practice apparel for college, school and club sports teams. Located in Manhattan, Kansas, Champion Teamwear employs nearly 900 team members, including a nationwide sales team, inside support team and an in-house production facility.

What is Dom ready trigger in GTM?

What is DOM Ready trigger in GTM? DOM Ready event appears in the preview mode (and in Data Layer) when the browser finishes constructing the website’s document object model (DOM) from HTML. Sounds confusing, I know.

What is the Dom ready event?

Simply put, when the browser renders the page elements and their values can be accessed (e.g. for scraping by Google Tag Manager), then the DOM Ready event appears. However, this does NOT mean that the page has fully loaded.

Does Dom ready mean the page is fully loaded?

However, this does NOT mean that the page has fully loaded. There might still be some elements on a page that will be loaded only after particular scripts do their job. You can find this trigger by going to Triggers (in GTM interface) > New > Trigger Configuration > DOM Ready.

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