Who is Devarshi Patel?

Who is Devarshi Patel?

Devarshi Patel was voted out of Roadies 6: Hell Down Under.. talks about his future plans with Nikhil Taneja. The selectors took him on board Roadies 6 Hell Down Under because (as they put it), he made them laugh so much. Devarshi Patel did a lot more though, which is probably how he lasted a month on the reality show.

Who won roadies 6?

Nauman Sait
MTV Roadies (season 6)

MTV Roadies
Judges Raghu Ram Rajiv Laxman
No. of contestants 20
Winner Nauman Sait
Runner-up Lonkiri Timung

Who won roadies 7?

Anwar Syed
MTV Roadies (season 7)

MTV Roadies
Presented by Rannvijay Singh Bani J
Judges Nikhil Chinappa Cyrus Sahukar
No. of contestants 15
Winner Anwar Syed

Who is the ultimate roadie?

Rannvijay is a man of many colors. In spite of his biker boy looks, Rannvijay can carry a well-tailored suit without much effort. He’s also a major shoes fanatic with over 150 pairs of shoes in his collection!

Who is the winner of Roadies 10?

Palak Johal
MTV Roadies – Season 10/Winners

Who won Roadies 17?

Arun sharma
MTV Roadies (season 17)

MTV Roadies
Judges Neha Dhupia Prince Narula Nikhil Chinapa Raftaar Sandeep Singh
No. of contestants 27
Winner Arun sharma
Runner-up Ankita Pathak Bidhan Shrestha

Which Gangleader won Roadies most?

Dhupia is the most successful gang leader, Winning two seasons Roadies Rising and Roadies Xtreme.

Who is most loved roadie?

Here’s What These Popular Roadies Have Been Up To These Days

  1. Shubhi Mehta (Season 3)
  2. Gurbani Judge (Season 4)
  3. Ashutosh Kaushik (Season 5)
  4. Sonel Singh (Season 5)
  5. Sahil Anand (Season 4)
  6. Nauman Sait (Season 6)
  7. Ayushmann Khurrana (Season 2)
  8. Rannvijay Singh (Season 1)

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