Who is David Pursell?

Who is David Pursell?

DAVID A. PURSELL is executive vice president of Development. Mr. Pursell previously served as executive vice president of Planning, Reserves and Fundamentals.

Was Pursell Farms a plantation?

In 2001, Jimmy, Chris, and their children established Pursell Farms, a beautiful 3,500-acre site in Sylacauga, Alabama that was once the site of the Old Hamilton Plantation. Today, Pursell Farms is home to FarmLinks, an 18-hole championship golf course featured as the world’s first research and demonstration course.

How many acres is Pursell Farms?

3,200 acre
Historic Roots of Pursell Farms This region of Talladega county is teeming with history and much of it occurred on or near our 3,200 acre property.

When did Pursell Farms Open?

On June 4, 2003, the vision came to fruition as 550 guests, including family friend, Jim Nabors, and Governor Bob Riley, celebrated the official opening of the 7,444-yard, par-72 Hurdzan-Fry designed course, FarmLinks. David currently serves as CEO of Pursell Farms.

What does Pursell mean?

The surname Pursell came from a common occupational name for a swineherd. The surname Pursell is derived from the Norman-French word porcel, which in turn comes from the Latin word porcus, which means pig or piglet. These types of occupational surnames are called metonymic surnames.

What does David Pursell do for a living?

David currently serves as CEO of Pursell Farms. He is also an accomplished artist and well-known for his pencil portraits of distinguished golfers.

Who is the CEO of Pursell Technologies?

Later, David became Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Pursell Industries, and when the company split in 1997, David assumed the role as President and CEO of Pursell Technologies.

Who are Jimmy Pursell’s children?

Jimmy and Chris Pursell have two sons and a daughter: Taylor, Chris, and David, all of whom have had a hand in the family business. David Pursell, the third child and second son of Jimmy and Chris Pursell, was born on April 2, 1959, in Sylacauga. David’s childhood centered on school and sports and, of course, the Parker Fertilizer Company.

Why did Pursell split into two companies?

Over the years, Jimmy has created several operating divisions in the organization to better serve the varied needs and demands of customers. The company became Pursell Industries and split into two separate entities in the late 1990s, but their goals and mission remained the same.

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