Who is Callum Logans dad?

Who is Callum Logans dad?

The murder was ultimately blamed on Jason’s late father, Tony Stewart, after the manhole covering Callum’s body collapsed in 2016. Nearly six months after his death, Sarah gave birth to his son Harry.

Who plays Callum Logan?

Sean WardCoronation Street
Callum Logan/Played by

Who plays Gail’s son on Coronation Street?

Portrayed by Audrey was forced to give him up for adoption after his birth, although still kept in touch. He made visits to Coronation Street in 1996, 1997 and 2007, with Gail’s family paying him visits in Milan time to time. He last appeared in Ep 6717 – 26 Dec 2007. Stephen was played by Todd Boyce.

Who is Bethany’s father in Coronation Street?

Todd Grimshaw
Martin PlattNeil Ferns
Bethany Platt/Father

Who is Max Platt’s mother?

Kylie Platt
Kylie Platt (née Turner) was the wife of David and mother of Max Turner and Lily Platt. Kylie was raised by a drug addict mother and abusive father. She resented her half-sister Becky Granger for leaving home when Kylie was eight, and was thrown out after getting pregnant when she was nineteen.

Who is buried under Gail Platt’s bedroom?

CORONATION Street residents had a grisly discovery as Callum Logan’s body was finally unearthed. It was to be a nail-biting time for the murderous Platt family as their gruesome secret comes back to haunt them. After killing Callum, they buried him under the floor of the house belonging to mum Gail.

Who is the father of Sarah’s baby in Coronation Street?

Harry Platt is the son of Sarah Barlow and half-brother of Bethany Platt and Max Turner. His and Max’s father, Callum Logan, was killed by Kylie Platt as he assaulted Sarah, in an incident that took place before Harry was born. He currently lives with Sarah and her husband Adam Barlow at Redbank Apartments.

Who is buried under the extension in Coronation Street?

What is Hanni treweek?

Shepherd’s new girlfriend Hanni Treweek once appeared in Coronation Street. Hanni, who is currently a member of the soap’s publicity team, played DJ Nick Grimshaw’s date in a scene back in 2013.

Who was buried under the floor in Coronation Street?

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