Who is Ajax?

Who is Ajax?

Ajax has been a market leader in premix combustion since 1989, and is committed to meeting all clean-air requirements for today and into the future. !*!8 Series www.ajaxboiler.com46

Why choose the WRLG Ajax series Ultra Low NOx boilers?

The WRLG Ajax Series Ultra Low NOx premix water boilers boast the same advantages as other Ajax boilers: dependability, quiet operation and long life, while adding the environmental benefi ts of low NOx operation.

What is the ASME Ajax series?

AJAX Series. ASME Section IV and Section I INCLINED WATER TUBE BOILERS for space heating or process use, low pressure steam for heating, humidifi cation, and high pressure steam for heating, process use, sterilization, and other similar requirements. ACE Series.

What kind of heat exchanger does Ajax use?

The Ajaxs Series heat exchangers perform dependably and quietly, offering a variety of water heating solutions. Quality U-tube bundles provide uniform heat transfer, resulting in high thermal effi ciency and long exchanger life. !*!8 Series www.ajaxboiler.com82 domestic water system.

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